Wahu Pool and Beach Toys this Summer

Wahu Pool and Beach Toys this Summer

Wahu, a homegrown Aussie brand since 1999, embraces all aspects of the classic, Aussie outdoor lifestyle. Indeed, if it's fun you fancy, Wahu is a way of life. At Wahu we believe in letting the good times rip! Every year our unique games and beach toys for kids join thousands of Australian families on weekend trips to the beach, to pool parties, and of course to the backyard barbeque. For endless hours of outdoor play and hilarity, look no further than our inflatable pool toys, pool slides, colourful neoprene balls and fabulous fun beach toys for kids. Our fantastic range of backyard games and toys enhances safe, imaginative, and active play.



Introducing the new Wahu Pool Bopper! Don't get bopped! Bop your mates as the pop up! If you get bopped you're out. Measures 1.8m x 1.4m in size and is suitable for 4 players.
Suitable Ages: 6+ years. RRP $39.00
Available now at Wahu.com.au


Whether you're at the beach, park or in the back yard the Wahu Footy and Wahu Soccer have a waterproof neoprene skin for all conditions .The real laces and raised graphics add to the authentic feel and offers maximum grip. The air-filled bladder means you can inflate to your liking.
Available in 4 Colours: Orange, Pink, Red and Green!
Suitable Ages: 6+ years. RRP $24.99ea
Available now at Leading Retailers and Wahu.com.au


This gnarly pool rocker will thrill all the pool jockey's this summer. Hop up on the plush inflatable Hot Rocker with a buddy and grip the handles because it's going to be one bucking, wild ride! It's made of durable material so you can take it on the lake as well as in the pool.
Suitable Ages: 6+ years. RRP $69.00
Available now at Leading Retailers and Wahu.com.au


Bringing the classics back again this summer, Wuhu pool range including Pool Bopper & Hot Rocker provide hours of fun at home.  The Wahu Beach Footy & Soccer range is probably my favourite for hours of water fun play at the beach or at home in the pool. Stock up for Christmas with these family favourites for a memorable summer.


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