Why Choose Italian Leather Sneakers and How to Care for Them

Why Choose Italian Leather Sneakers and How to Care for Them

Why Choose Italian Leather Sneakers and How to Care for Them

The most fashionable women's high top sneakers are now made of genuine leather. Leather sneakers are the perfect way to add some jazzed-up style while staying comfortable and cool. They go with just about every outfit, making them an easy choice for any look you're going for.

Italian leather sneakers are made up of a combination of leather and primarily other natural materials such as suede, cotton, and rubber. We'll look at the five reasons why you should choose Italian leather sneakers, which are made of the finest materials and feature modern yet timeless designs that make them must-haves, not just nice to have.

Why Choose Italian Leather Sneakers?

1. Ethical Leather

While we have discussed the mixture of materials used, the core material for Italian leather sneakers remains leather. It's a good idea to be curious and conscious of where your raw materials are being sourced as it affects the local communities.

Companies (like Golden Goose) are committed to ensuring that the raw materials of animal origin have not been obtained through cruel breeding or harvesting practices. They stand against any form of mistreatment, which makes them the companies you can trust for your fashion needs.

2. Durable and Sustainable

Investing in Italian leather sneakers may be a bit more pricey, but you're getting a durable and sustainable product that will last for years.

But like anything else worth enjoying (like your favourite pair of jeans), taking care will extend their lifespan even further - which means less regularly buying new footwear when old ones get too thin/patches start tearing apart etc. And remember that this type of sneaker doesn't go out fashion-style for a very long time.

3. Quality


In an era where outsourcing has become more accessible, many people are interested in finding out what it means to have a truly quality product.

The timeless elegance and unparalleled quality of Italian craftsmanship can be seen all over the world, from fashion to food.
Each object is created with a passion for a beautiful figure or impression that has been passed down through generations rooted in Italy's "La Bella Figura" spirit - translated as "lovely form."

A Note about Faux Leather

Faux is an excellent choice for those who want to avoid animal products but still have a stylish shoe, as it tends not only to imitate the look but also feel and smell much like its counterpart; however, there are some downsides, such as needing frequent moisturizing due exposing them too long at once or putting heavy things on top - keep these facts in mind before purchase.


How to Take Care of Your Italian Leather Sneakers

Here's how to take care of your new leather sneakers to look as good as new for years to come.


  • When wearing the shoes for an extended period (such as a long-haul flight), wipe down with wet cloths periodically - this will help remove any dirt that accumulates on surfaces during use.
  • For deeper cleaning, which might include residue from food items like coffee drinks, repeat these steps using a cleaningspray bottle before allowing soap suds to get close enough to contact points.
  • Finally, give everything a swipe across the outside.


It is important to remember that the same rules apply when storing your shoes as cleaning and polishing. Please keep away from direct sunlight in a temperature-controlled space (or place boxes within reach) wrapped tightly using acid-free paper or cotton fabric so they do not get damaged by exposure until needed again.

Also, use a Shoe Tree that can retain its shape indefinitely without being affected too much once removed from storage - this way, any type of leather footwear stays looking good for many years to come.

In Closing
The passion behind each pair of Italian leather white sneakers is felt in the crafting and on your feet as you wear them. These shoes are more than just a piece to wear; they represent art and story from those who made it happen.
Wearing these shoes is more than just a privilege; it's an honour. We sincerely hope you enjoy finding the right pair for you.


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