Young Clancy Saucy + Ooh Aah

Young Clancy Saucy + Ooh Aah

Canadian producer Young Clancy has teamed up with Ontario's hip/hop rapper Adrian Dey and Toronto's very own Jahmal Padmore to lay down his latest tracks "Saucy" and "OOH AAH" - out now via Black Box.

A dynamic piece that constructs a realm of honeymoonish dreamscapes through enthralling sonic features, "Saucy" fits right into Clancy's like-no-other style, coined 'rough, pillowy music' while "OOH AAH" brings in a soulful element.

"Really happy to have discovered Adrian's music this year," said Young Clancy. "He has so much great music out and not yet out. I wasn't able to meet him until well after the track was finished. Great man. We shot the video at his studio in Brampton."

"Jahmal is a Toronto legend," said Young Clancy"So happy to have him on this project. Really talented person. I love the song we made. A lot of depth and soul to his performance."

Young Clancy's self produced 2021 project titled, "SOMETHING SOMETHING TAPE", expected later this year is inspired from his basement over lockdown, explores the idea of creating around the times, rather than for the times. This remote collaboration showcases Clancy's lithe production touch, flashing a genre-fluent ability to corral any sound, and inspire a visionary artist. Gathering eleven of the most distinctive voices in the city's thriving independent R&B and hip-hop scenes, Clancy distills a unique and tangible perspective on "The New Toronto Sound", a version that truly vibrates on the deep, unifying heartbeat coursing through its artistic community.

The eleven "minutesongs" – sonic explorations in brevity, were inspired by the miniature masterpieces of J Dilla's "Donuts" and Tierra Whack's "Whack House". They are brought to life by vocal talents and wordsmiths from across Toronto, like visionary rapper Clairmont The Second, mainstay soul singer Chris LaRocca, conspirators like rapper-filmmaker Matthew Progress, and more.

As a high school student in Toronto, Young Clancy played in a handful of bands, usually on bass but occasionally guitar or drums. Nothing stuck. In university on Canada's east coast, where he studied creative writing, Clancy quietly dabbled in songwriting with voice and guitar. He gave nervous performances at open mics and posted loosies to SoundCloud where his heartfelt ballads racked up tens of plays by the few friends who knew they existed. As a graduate, Clancy found himself somewhat stagnating, bartending full-time at a sleazy steakhouse in Toronto's financial district. Unsure of what was next, he began taking vocal lessons and teaching himself production on Ableton live and gradually began making the music he truly wanted to hear: thoughtful, lyrical songs inspired by Neil Young with gritty, inventive production inspired by Kanye West. This culminated in an EP - "The Yung Prince of the Basement"- that finally saw the light in 2017. Clancy steadily toiled away on what would be his next move: a collaborative EP "Friends EP" featuring several of Toronto's most exciting up-and-comers, followed by "Vol. II" in 2019.