Zodiac Roulette with a Twist

Uncover Your Ideal Asian Dish with AYAM this Chinese New Year

From Friday 16 February, Sydney will transform into a sea of red as the city celebrates the 2018 Chinese New Year with vibrant lantern displays and live entertainment.

To mark the start of the Chinese calendar in style, AYAM™, Australia's number one leading Asian food brand, will be on hand to delight crowds with delicious food offerings and a unique Chinese New Year experience for all the family.


What does your star sign and date of birth say about your ideal food choices? The AYAM™ experts have the answer!

Putting a new spin on an old tradition, AYAM™ is encouraging Sydneysiders to celebrate Chinese New Year by heading down to the AYAM Zodiac Roulette activation.  

Step inside the AYAM™ Tuk Tuk and experience the AYAM™ Zodiac Roulette, using world-first technology to discover your ideal Asian dish matched to your combined Chinese and Western Zodiac signs.

Once the match is made, the app will automatically dispense a relevant AYAM™ product down a chute, which you can use in your matching dish! The AYAM™ Zodiac Roulette will also look into its crystal ball to deliver a personalised horoscope prediction for 2018.


No Chinese New Year experience is complete without stopping by the legendary AYAM™ food truck.

Conveniently located at Circular Quay, visitors can experience an authentic taste of Asia at affordable prices as AYAM™ serves up a delicious selection of foodie favourites using their extensive range of sauces and pastes. The menu will include Beef Rendang, Chicken Satay, Chilli Jam Stir Fry and Sago Dessert.



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