Action Heroes - Spiderman, Digimon, Power Ranges

Action Heroes - Spiderman, Digimon, Power Ranges

Awesome new Action Hero Titles are set to thrill!

Buena Vista Home Entertainment has released six exciting new Action Hero titles packed with thrills and adventure.
Spiderman: The Return of the Green Goblin, Digimon: The Birth of Guilmon, and four new Power Rangers titles will be available in stores on 19 February 2003. Don't miss out on your chance to own one of these fantastic new releases!

Spiderman: The Return of the Green Goblin (G)

    It's double the action and double the thrills as Spiderman is unmasked and tangled in a web of treachery in Spiderman: The Return of the Green Goblin.
    The web-slinger faces the ultimate challenge when his arch-nemesis discovers his identity and kidnaps his one true love, Mary Jane Watson. The stakes have never been higher as the dreaded Green Goblin tries to take control of the city and bring Spiderman to his knees. The action gets even hotter when Kingpin and the Hobgoblin join forces in an all-out war with America's greatest crime fighter. It's a world of high-flying excitement you won't want to miss!

    Bonus DVD features include; episodes with Stan Lee introductions, The Spot, Goblin War!, Turning Point, Guilty, Stan Lee's Soap Box and The Rogue's Challenge Game.

    Spiderman: The Return of the Green Goblin is available 19 February on DVD and VHS.

Digimon: The Birth of Guilmon (PG)

    Thirteen-year-old Takato discovers a strange blue card in his Digimon collection and puts it into his game card reader. After the reader short-circuits, Takato draws his own Digimon and calls it "Guilmon".
    The destroyed card reader magically transforms itself into a Digivice and scans Takato's Guilmon drawing, producing a Digiegg which breaks open. Equipped with a tracking mechanism, the Digivice leads Takato to this real Guilmon creature at the very moment of its birth, and the boy finds himself face-to-face with a little fire-breathing dinosaur!
    Is Guilmon friendly, or will Takato be hurt by his own creation?

    Digimon: The Birth of Guilmon is available 19 February on VHS only.

Four action packed new Power Rangers Titles

    • Power Rangers Time Force: Dawn of Destiny (PG)
    • Power Rangers Time Force: End of Time (PG)
    • Power Rangers Wild Force: Ancient Awakening (PG)
    • Power Rangers Wild Force: Lion Heart (PG)
  • These four spectacular titles in the Power Rangers series are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and entertained for hours! Watch as the action unfolds and the Power Rangers pit their skills and courage against the evil Venomark, Dragontron, Frax, Tire Org, Master Org, Plugma Org and Turbine Org. Full of awesome feats, excitement and heroics, be sure to look out for these four fantastic video titles when they are released on 19 February;



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