Spiderman vs Doc Ock DVD

Spiderman vs Doc Ock DVD

Get ready for more spine-tingling excitement as America's favourite Super Hero battles Doctor Octopus and a host of his most famous foes in these thrilling animated adventures.

Doctor Octavius was a brilliant scientist working on a revolutionary new invention until a laboratory accident fused a set of mechanical arms to his body and turned him into the dreaded supervillain Doctor Octopus.

Now 'Doc Ock' seeks his revenge on those who did him wrong, and there are only two men who can put an end to his plan of destruction - Spider-man or his secret alter-ego, Peter Parker.

Genre: Animated Adventure
Running Time: 75 Minutes
Rated: G

Special Features:
Classic 1967 Bonus Episodes
Episodes with Stan Lee Introductions
Stan Lee's Soapbox

4 exciting episodes in 1 dvd, centuring around Spiderman's adventures against Doc Ock the stories are all intertwined. The transformation of Peter Parker's love interest into Black Cat makes for an interesting all round animation.

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