Aeora Breathe

Aeora Breathe

Melbourne singer, songwriter and producer Aeora has just revealed her brand new single "Breathe", her second release of 2020. After taking some time to hone her craft and focus on her writing and production skills, the rising star is back with fresh, hard-hitting dark-pop.


Although "Breathe" can feel all-encompassed by the electrifying production -- handled by Haxx (Kult Kyss) -- it is, at its core, a moment of incredible vulnerability. Written post-breakup, "Breathe" lyrically explores the aftermath of heartbreak, but it's not just limited to the loss of love. It also delves into the transition one makes in order to improve and grow - just like Aeora did.


"I think 'Breathe' is the most real song I've ever written," she says. "I wrote it in an instant, about one moment with someone, and yet I think it changes for me every time I listen to it. The song really came to life while working with Jack (Haxx) when he added that epic string section, and I knew I had to record it live. Thanks to Newmarket Studios and the women of Newmarket Collective, we recorded a live string quartet. 


I think at that point the meaning of the song completely changed for me – from lyrically being about my experience of the breakup, to realising this transformation I'd gone through to get to this point. The song constantly gives me shivers and for me, I think that means it's real and says exactly what I needed to say."


Aeora began to write songs on her piano at the tender age of 10, before progressing to singing country and folk music when she was a teenager, and then later producing electronic music on her laptop when she was 19. It was there that she began her journey into developing her own sound, and her own voice. 


Since her arrival on the scene in 2016, she has performed at showcases in Sydney, Melbourne and Toronto; then, in 2018, she took a break to step back and hone her craft and sound. April 2020 saw Aeora release her first single in two years, "Give It," and she has since been working with producers Haxx and Pip Norman (Troye Sivan, CXLOE, Odette). 

A singer-songwriter and producer who draws from self-reflection, Aeora's musical career has developed as a way to cope with trauma, and find new ways to connect with herself and the world around her.