Astropolis Earth Ascendant

Astropolis Earth Ascendant

Imre Bergamasc's life has been nothing if not interesting. One might be tempted to say that he's taken the worst the universe could throw at him and emerged triumphant. But after returning from the grave to rule the galaxy, Imre's problems are only beginning.

Caught between saboteurs, spies and assassins, his personal quest remains unchanged: to find the people responsible for the Slow Wave that killed the most advanced minds in teh galaxy, tand bring them to justice. Could it be the Luminous, enigmatic entities who played a role in his own liberation, years ago? Or the shadowy secret organisation calling themselves the Barons?

Only one thing is clear: the decisions he makes now will not only unlock the secrets of his past, but decide the fate of the galaxy....

Astropolis Earth Ascendant
Orbit Books
Author: Sean Williams
ISBN: 9781841495217