The Six Value Medals - Edward de Bono

The Six Value Medals - Edward de Bono

Whether as an individual, business executive or director you are looking to be the best, this is the book that could improve your company, your career - and your life.

Values are central to everything: the purpose of any business or government organisation is to deliver value and, increasingly, we seek this in our personal lives as well. Yet values are vague and intangible. In this groundbreaking book Edward de Bono reveals an exciting but simple framework, for individuals and business leaders alike, for making creative, effective decisions, based on embracing key values - the focus of the 21st century.

Offering sound advice on decision-making and better thinking practice. 'The Six Value Medals' thwarts traditional thinking habits, demonstrates how you can deal with values in a much more definite way and enables you to highlight your strengths while pinpointing areas for improvement, helping you and your company become more successful.

It's time to start using the Six Value Medals

Author Edward de Bono

Random House Australia
ISBN: 009189459X
RRP $27.95
If you are serious about changing your life, career or businss focus, 'The Six Value Medals' will help you achieve your goals and put your professional and personal life into perspective.


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