Conquer Your Computer - Ms Megabyte's New Book

Conquer Your Computer - Ms Megabyte's New Book

Conquer Your Computer is packed to the scroll bars with 150 pages of my most popular shortcuts, hints and tips to help you do just that - take control and CONQUER your PC.

You'll learn how to dramatically narrow down your Internet searching, customise your favourite programs, attach photos to email, create visual charts in Excel, stop Spam and ward off viruses.

The book covers Windows, Word, Excel, Internet, Email, Digital Imaging, Computer Craft and What to do when things go wrong.

Get PC-savy with Ms Megabyte's tips and shortcuts on everything from customising your desktop and toolbars to creating graphs, installing software and surfing the Web effectively.

Conquer Your Computer is a comprehensive, entretaining, step-by-step guide to al the computer tricks and handy shortcuts you never knew existed!

For those of you how are continually asking for help on the computer, this is a must have, and for those of you who are confident, there are some helpful shortcuts that I'm sure you will appreciate.

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