Aya Yves Brave

Aya Yves Brave

Back with a divine fourth single release, AyaYves enters 2021 with another stunning pop ballad, "Brave." The track asks us to face difficult moments with courage and begin moving through life unafraid. Utilising her carefully crafted signature sound, Aya bears tranquil, calming qualities in "Brave," allowing the haunting tones to settle within the listener and transport them to their own place of power.

"When we went into the session, the energy for the song was centred around being scared of new relationships." said Aya Yves. "But I wasn't going into a new relationship, and as the song progressed it started taking on a new meaning for me. I'd recently moved cities, quit my day job in pursuit of full time music and I was terrified. I had to back myself and believe in the journey. 

I see Brave as a reminder to myself that change is good, and growth happens outside your comfort zone. The feeling in the writing room that day for me was one of coming home, which is a rare feeling for someone who's lived out of home since age 15. It holds such a special place in my heart, and I get that feeling back every time I get to perform it.

I was lucky enough to recently have been selected to showcase at the inaugural Express Yourself Queer Discovery, and I was incredibly nervous about it. Having only come out as Queer a few weeks prior, it went against my instincts to get up and label myself as a queer artist. It seemed fitting to perform 'Brave' for the showcase, and I'm glad I did- it allowed me to connect in a vulnerable moment with other members of the LGBTQIA+ community, that was really special. "

"Brave" was co-written with Bri Clark, Josh Lovegrove and Jordi White, and features the work of talented producer Xavier Dunn (Jack River, CXLOE, GRAACE, Carmada, Peking Duk) and was mixed by Chris Collins, both whom she collaborated also collaborated with on her past singles, "(in)Sanity," "Smart Girls" and "Dear E."

Aya has continued to prove her prominent status within the pop space and display her undeniable ability to tell stories utilising her angelic vocal tones and powerful songwriting abilities in her all singles. "(in)Sanity" and "Smart Girls" were both added to rotation on triple j Unearthed

Aya Yves is the brainchild of a Cooma-born, Canberra native Vendulka. Born from a love of pushing boundaries and breaking expectations, Aya contrasts light airy vocals with dark, brooding and quirky production. The Aya Yves project has been taken far from Vendulka's folk music roots, however, still manages to keep the vulnerability and unifying connection that folk music is known for.

Standing out with her otherworldly vocal abilities and honest approach to songwriting, Aya Yves is quickly becoming one of the premier emerging faces in Australian pop.