Back off Bully

Back off Bully

Back off Bully By Mark Dobson

From the moment your child starts playgroup or school and some kid steals their play lunch or favourite toy, parents worry about bullying. Everyone is bullied at some stage in their life, and childhood memories in the playground or at home with siblings put parents on alert.

Mark Dobson knows all about it. AS a schoolboy he watched bullies in the playground and when he joined a youth club it became even worse. As a youth worker he decided what was needed was a strategy to help both parents and children - and today he talks to more than 10,000 people every year about how to deal with the problem of bullies.

BACK OFF BULLY offers practical strategies to help you including:
Dealing with school yard bullies
Confront bullies at work or in the family
Talk to the boss who won't listen
Resolve conflict without tears

Mark Dobson is an award winning youth worker who has worked and taught in m any countries, including four years at the Interlocken International Centre Experimental Education (USA). His most recent adventure was with a small team establishing a new university in New York for gifted teenagers.

Mark runs Innate Solutions, a company which works in schools building self esteem in young people, as well as educating large corporations on youth culture. Mark is also a motivational coach to some of Australia's elite sporting teams. He lives in Melbourne.

If you ever wanted to know how to handle bullies, here is a realistic approach. Back off Bully, is insightful, helpful and gives you a crash course in stopping bullies and taking back control.