Barbie Princess Charm School Characters

Barbie Princess Charm School Characters

Barbie Princess Charm Schoo

Stars: Diana Kaarina, Morwenna Banks, Nicole Oliver, Brittney Wilson, Cathy Weseluck, Madeleine Peters, Derek Waters

Barbie stars as Blair Willows, a kind-hearted girl who is chosen to attend Princess Charm School, a magical, modern place that teaches dancing, how to have tea parties and proper princess manners. Blair loves her classes, as well as the helpful magical spirits and her new friends, Princesses Hadley and Delancy.

But when royal teacher Dame Devin discovers that Blair looks a lot like the kingdom's missing princess, she turns Blair's world upside down to stop her from claiming the throne. Now, Blair, Hadley and Delancy must find an enchanted crown to prove Blair's true identity in this charming and magic princess story.

Barbie Charm School
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"There's a princess in every girl,"

Character Descriptions for "Barbie Princess Charm School"


18 years old. Sincere with a heart of gold. Resourceful. Tech-savvy. There's not aproblem she can't get herself out of. "Fancy and Frills" are not what makes her world goaround. Working hard to make a better life for her foster-mom and her foster-sister,Emily, now that's her style. She knows nothing of the princess life (which actuallymakes her confidence drop). However, she is pleasantly surprised to find friends inPrincess Hadley and Princess Isla.


18 years old. Alpha girl of Princess Charm School. About to become the ruling Princessof Gardania and makes certain everyone knows it. She comes across as a GlamorousDiva, spoiled but confident, haughty and privileged. Sure she's the ultimate Princess inconfidence, but not in character. She's put upon by her overbearing mother. Sheeventually learns compassion and becomes an ally to Blair (Barbie).


40's-50's. Overbearing "Stage Mom" to Delancy - controlling and entitled she can comeoff a little coarse and obsessive. She's a commoner by birth, but tries to hide it with airsand clothes. She is desperately trying to live her royal dreams through her daughter -often by acting as the substitute instructor in princess classes at the school. Evil is in hercore - almost a Lady Macbeth and will not let anyone get in her way of ruling thekingdom via her daughter's title.


35-45. British. The fair-minded and wise Headmistress of Princess Charm School. Shecan be tough and all-business but she also has some hidden warmth for her students.


Blair's 10 year old foster-sister. She's spunky and full of energy. She adores Blair and isthankful that Blair works so hard for their family. She's the idealist and dreamsconstantly about castle life as a Princess. Would love it if Blair could go to theprestigious Princess Charm School because she loves her sister and thinks nothing couldbe better than the royal life.


Late 40's. Blair and Emily's foster-mom. Loving, caring, kind. Strong in character andspirit but physically she's weak from an unnamed chronic illness.


18 years old. Hadley is athletic and adventurous. Loud and exuberant is her signaturestyle. She's not afraid of life and will try anything, even if it might turn out upside down.She's full of spunk and pushes her friends to be their best. She has a gentle side, too, soshe's fun but not obnoxious.


18 years old. Isla is shy and introspective. However, she is a musical genius - She canplay any instrument and has perfect-pitch hearing. She spends much of her time writingmusic and songs. She always considers what she says before she says it.


18 years old. Friends and room mates with Delancy. Not outwardly smart and off in herown world. Think "Brittany Pierce" from the television show "Glee".


18 years old.Lady Royal and a cheerleader at Princess Charm School. Perky, excitable, fun, maybe alittle off-beat as well. Wears glasses.


18 years old.Lady Royal and a cheerleader at Princess Charm School. Perky, very excitable and fun.Maybe a little off-beat as well. Wears her hair in pigtails.


18 yrs old. A handsome, polite, good-natured contemporary prince who attends a PrincePrep School (like a royal high school). He has a charming crush on Blair.


The parade is hosted by a Male/Female Duo (Think of hosts from "Dancing with theStars" or from the "Rose Parade") The Hosts should be funny, play off of one another.Can be ages 35-40.

JUDGE presiding over the Coronation

60's, Male Judge - He has a stout body and a pot-belly hidden by his official robes.Officious but a little bit over-the-top when he speaks. He's a little like the officiant from"Princess Bride". A comedic role.


30s. An imposing brick wall of a man. His voice is as scary as his looks.Works for Dame Devin.


Each magical sprite has a high-pitched voice of a girl aged 18-22 yrs old. Each sprite'spersonality closely matches the personality of her assigned student from Princess CharmSchool.


She clearly has a very similar personality to Blair - but a little more scattered. Heroverachieving gets her into trouble, and sometimes makes things worse. But, she'sexcited to share, and has a heart of gold. Her voice is that of a high-pitched 18 - 22 yearold girl, but slightly rough on the edges.


Hadley's sprite who loves playing a good-natured joke on her fellow sprites and enjoys agood laugh. Sprite's personality closely matches the personality of her assigned studentat Princess Charm School.


Isla's sprite who is all empathy, softness, and comfort. She has a high-pitched voice of agirl aged 18-22 years old, but with a little softness to it.


This mischievious, sometimes mean-spirited sprite does the dirty work for both Delancyand her mother, Dame Devin. She has a ssay, feisty high-pitched voice of a girl aged 18to 22 years old.