Beks Stars in My Eyes

Beks Stars in My Eyes

Inspired by a new era of music and songwriting, former RACKETT frontwomen Rebecca Callander announces her official name change to Beks

"Hi, I'm Beks. Beks is an extension of myself personally. I've been on a journey of self-discovery through music, writing with producers and artists from all around the world. I've been writing so much music that has informed me more about who I am as an independent songwriter and what I can create with confidence in myself. 

I've chosen to adopt my new artist name Beks to signify a new era for me as a songwriter. A new beginning, one that will carry my new work cohesively into the future. 

Since September 2020, I've been working daily with songwriters and producers in studios within Sydney and also in the UK via zoom. I've set out to create a mixtape which features co-writes and production by Taka Perry, Jim Eliot (Ladyhawke, EAST), Xira, Cam Nacson, Tasker, Lucy Neville, Nina Jirachi, Kim Moyes (The Presets), Airports and more. This mixtape has developed my sound, leaning further into pop than ever before" - Beks.

Beks has released the first single from her mixtape called 'Stars in My Eyes'. The track was written by Beks and produced by Tasker.