Big Sky

Big Sky

Big Sky

A unique outdoor adventure for the Girlfriend Fiction series, set on a cattle station in the Kimberleys at cattle mustering time.

When her dad breaks his leg, Skye has to return to her family's cattle station in the Kimberly to lead the cattle muster. She's never been the boss on a muster before and that combined with the surprise arrival of her high-maintenance fashionista best friend from boarding school and having to work with the very handsome Dan, a young jaceroo, means it will be a cattle muster Skye will never forget.

A compelling tale of cow-wrangling, romance, jealousy and friendship that unfolds beneath the big sky over a dramatic and unforgiving landscape.

Real Life, Real Emotions, Great Stories.

Girlfriend Fiction is a series of novels for teenage girls (and the occasional boy!) aged 12 to 16, which we are publishing in conjunction with Girlfriend magazine. The series is aimed at putting credible relevant, and enjoyable fiction in the hands of teen readers and will be written by a range of authors- including some of our very best writers for teenagers.

Other titles in the series include:
My Life and Other Catastrophes by Rowena Mohr (#1), The Indigo Girls by Penni Russon (#2), She's with the Band by Georgia Clark (#3), Always Mackenzie by Kate Constable (#4), The (Not Quite) Perfect Boyfriend by Lili Wilkinson (#5), Step Up and Dance by Thalia Kalkipsakis (#6), The Sweet Life by Rebecca Lim (#7), Cassie by Barry Jonsberg (#8), Bookmark Days by Scot Gardner (#9), Winter by Grace by Kate Constable (#10) and Something More by Maureen Johnson (#11).

Melaina Faranda cashed in her university prizes for literature to wander the world in a perennial quest for discovery. She has trekked amongst wild tigers and Himalayans bandits, slept on cardboard and in a Baroness's bed, lived in a treehouse on the side of a Hawaiian volcano and as a 'ghost' in a grand old Hudson River mansion.
Far more intrepid still- she is a trained secondary English teacher and has enjoyed braving the asphalt gauntlet for over ten years in Secondary, Steiner, Special Needs and Primary schools throughout Australia. It was these teaching experiences and love for her students that led Melaina to establish personal development groups for teenagers, and from there writing. Since having children, she has also been writing stories for younger readers. Melaina is a popular speaker with special interests in mythology, magic, fairy tales in popular culture, body image and the supernatural.
Her previous books include The Circle Series (published by Random House)- Dreamer, Gift, Princess and Greenheart- is a magical series of four novels that follows a group of friends as they grapple with different issues that affect adolescent girls.

Big Sky
Allen and Unwin
Author: Melaina Faranda
ISBN: 9781741757118
Price: $14.99