Blussh Incoming

Blussh Incoming

Brisbane based punk rock band, BLUSSH, return with their new single 'Incoming'; a track seeped in 90's grunge, it's a tale of heartbreak, bitterness with riot fused tones. 

The all female trio explore the subjective twists and turns of truth and lies through lyrical musings that are stripped of tears and sympathy. "It's tempered, bruised and challenged as it explores themes of being on the other side of love" the band members explain. 

BLUSSH have played extensively over the past few years with artists such as Dicklord, Press Club, Beddy Rays, The Deadlove, Being Jane Lane, Flangipanis and more as well as landing festival slots at Mountain Goat Valley Crawl, Gr!fest and Sonic Masala stepping on stage with their ferocious and cheeky presence. 

With their raw, reckless and wildly unhinged musical personas, BLUSSH celebrate the release of their single with an upcoming animated video clip release and a 3-stop QLD tour to hit the ground running.