Bollywood Dreams

Bollywood Dreams

Bollywood Dreams

Are young people being seduced with false promises of celebrity by shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Australian Idol? What promises do these shows really offer- lucky short-cuts to stardom or totally unrealistic expectations of what it takes to be a top performer?

Meet India Singh, 16 years old with Bollywood stars in her determined eyes and an all consuming passion for dance. Small problem- she lives in Sydney and her strict father's dreams for her don't involve dancing or making movies. But, India has a plan- to run away to Mumbai and be a Bollywood star like her idol Aishwarya Rai. Can she do it?

This is a coming of age story that reaches out to all Australian girls and says 'Yes, you can make your dreams come true- though in ways you'd never imagined!'

Beneath the surface of her prettiness and widly romantic ideals, India has a real talent for performance appreciated by everyone else except her buttoned-up, traditional parents. As she grapples with growing up in Sydney, she learns that making her dreams come true involves a whole lot more than just running away from her demanding family, school bullies and unreliable cousins. Meanwhile, a touch of her Bollywood magic changes the lives of friends and foes alike.

You don't always get what you want- but sometimes you can get exactly what you need.

Wendy Fitzgerald A trip to India in 2005 inspired Sydney based author, Wendy Fitzgerald , to weave some Bollywood style and glamour into an Australian setting. As a teacher and a parent, Wendy gets into the head and heart of the 16 year old India to offer readers entrancing insights into love and life, Bollywood style.

Bollywood Dreams
A&A Short Stop Press
Author: Wendy Fitzgerald
Price: $19.95