Bones and Jones

Bones and Jones

Bones and Jones donned us with a 'Crown Of Thorns', spun us around as we 'Learn to Dance' with 'Reckless' flair. 'It's Time', 'Today' we 'Feel Better Now' as the Geelong/Melbourne six-piece deliver two new singles 'Heaven in the Home' and 'No More Worries (Oh Yeah)' ahead of the release of their forthcoming third album 'Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)' - due out February 24, 2021 via Bonsai Records.


Since July 2020 the band have been delighting fans with a single series that has seen them drop two new singles at the end of each month. Today we are excited to release the lead track off the album 'Heaven in the Home' and accompanying B-side single 'No More Worries (Oh Yeah)'. 


'Heaven in the Home' was premiered last night on 2SER's The Tuckshop, and the accompanying clip premiered with The Music, with Jasper Jolley explaining "'Heaven In The Home' is a song about checking in on your mates and your own mental health. Being a young man, it hasn't been hard to find someone close to me who has struggled or been affected by depression. It's one of our softer songs but also one of my favourites. The video is a mash-up of footage since our incarnation of a band made by Willem Kingma who has been with us before we started playing together."


'Heaven in the Home' feels like a warm cup of tea spiced with a spoonful of honey and drunk on a porch while watching the sunset: it just eases the mind. With lyrics like "it's getting harder to cope" and "it's getting harder to keep both feet on the ground" you can tell this song was written in the midst of isolation, but the crux of the song is clear - find yourself a little slice of heaven everyday. 


While the new album follows hot off the heels of Bones and Jones' sophomore album 'Bees' (January 2020), 'Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)' takes a dynamic shift away from what the group describe as their "humble beginnings" and introduces a more mature sound; an integration of pop and rock that is truly their own. 


Bones and Jones have a sense of multi-genre fluidity which allows their reach to span across diverse audiences of old and new music lovers.
Over several years, the dynamic six-piece have emerged as one of Melbourne's most exciting and energetic performers. The silky blend of swaying drums, roaring lap steel and driven organ paint the picture of the immense live sound they are so well known for. 


With a swag of scintillating live shows under their belt, Bones and Jones have been selected to showcase at the inaugural Changes Music Summit by industry representative body Music Victoria, and have shared stages with Twin Peaks (USA), The Nude Party (USA) and The Murlocs, as well as gracing their first festival stages at New Year's Evie 2018/19 and Grampians Music Festival 2019