Born to Shop - Paris & France

Born to Shop Paris

For nearly twenty years, shopping guru Suzy Gershman has been leading savvy shoppers to the world's best finds. Packed with up-to-date listings 'Born to Shop Paris' is your friendly guide to help you survive a shopping expedition in Paris. Inside you'll find the best of the Parisian shopping scene, from world class department stores and trendy boutiques to flea markets, vintage shops, and bargin basements. Complete with maps, tips and dealing with money in a foreign country, and Suzy's personal recommendation to guide you, this is the ultimate guide for people who love to shop.

Born to Shop France

From Paris to the Cote d'Azur, Marseille to Reims, Suzy Gershman's 'Born to Shop France' is packed with the latest and best suggestions to plan the perfect French shopping trip. If you're traveling beyond the boutiques of Paris this handy travel-sized guide will help you find the best value on antiques, gifts, clothing, perfume, and much more. Along with Suzy's expert recommendations you'll find suggestions on how to save money on your airfare, accommodation, and dining expenses to save your cash for the stores. With maps, store contact numbers, and even opening hours listed, 'Born to Shop France' is the perfect guide to maximise your shopping experience.