Boyfriend University: Take Advantage of Your Man and Learn While You Can

Boyfriend University: Take Advantage of Your Man and Learn While You Can

Take what you can from each boyfriend and apply it to future relationships and life in general- this is the Boyfriend University motto. This quirky and humorous guide to life, love and everything in between uses the conceit of university classes to impart fun but practice life lessons.

You can learn more from your boyfriends than dumb jokes and bad table manners. You can discover valuable life lessons that help you have more fun, solve everyday problems, be confident and successful, and improve your love life. How do you separate the diamonds from the duds? Learn from the masters at Boyfriend University.

This lively, mischievous guide helps you tilt the playing field in your favor by adding male skill sets to your already-powerful female arsenal. Find out how to:
* Get a guy to teach you everything he knows
* Assemble a tool kit, fix things, and jump-start a car
* Procrastinate, bluff and flatter, and feign interest in anything
* Carve a turkey, barbecue, and choose a bottle of bourbon
* Accept pleasure, hide bad behaviour, and display your assets
* Have a firm handshake, shrug off a loss, and deal with men and loans
* Talk about yourself, be a team player, and cry like a guy
* Play beer-pong, poker, and ultimate Frisbee
* Find the North Star, fathom a street grid, and get along on the open road
* Check out a guy, pick up a guy, and decide whether he's a keeper

Boyfriend University is grouped into three parts of campus life and areas of study.

Part One: Getting In and Campus Life covers your freshmen orientation (or introduction) to Boyfriend University. Part One includes chapters on financial topics like Hot to Shrug off a Loss and How to Deal with Men and Money, counseling services like Hot to be Daring and Successful without a Man and How to Know if he is a fixed upper and worth keeping, and leaving home and living on your own like How to Control a Skid and How to Carve a Turkey.

Part Two: Finding your major divides into chapters on art and cultural studies with sections like The Art of Bluffing and Flattering, How to Drink Cognac, and How to Get a Tattoo You Won't Regret, communication studies with lessons like How to be Team Player and When to Call a Guy, and How to Feign Interest in Anything , and finally, biology and chemistry with courses on How to Accept Pleasure and When to Sleep with a Guy.

Part Three: covers extracurricular activities, including sections on traveling aboard with lessons on things like How to Find the North Star and How to Breeze Through Security, and spring break, where you'll leanr things like How to Play Beer Pong, How to Plan the Perfect Weekend and How to Play Poker.

Jennifer Basye Sanderis the author, co-author, or ghostwriter of more than twenty books, including the recent gift book Wear More Cashmere and The Martini Diet. Sander and her books have been featured on CNBC, CNN, The View, American Journal, USA Today, Fortune Samll Business, C-Spans Book TV, and Fox News, among others. She lives in Granite Bay, CA.

Lynne Rominger has written more than 300 feature articles in glossy magazines, newspapers, and websites, and writes monthly as a contributing editor for Sacramento magazine. She lives in Roseville, CA.

Boyfriend University: Take Advantage of Your Man and Learn While You Can
Author: Jennifer Basye Sander and Lynne Rominger
ISBN: 9780470177097
Price: $22.95