Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar

Actors: Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Mos Def, Queen Latifah
Director: Rick Famuyiwa
Composer: Robert Hurst

In this sweet love story, music critic Sidney and hip-hop record exec Dean realize that they will only realize their true passions by remembering what they learned in their childhood on a New York street corner.

Dre (Taye Diggs), a hip hop A&R executive at a New York record label and Sidney (Sanaa Lathan), a magazine editor have known each other since they were kids. They can attribute their friendship and the launch of their careers to the moment in their childhood when they discovered hip-hop on a New York street corner. Now 15 years later, they are brought back together. As they lay down the tracks toward their futures, hip-hop isn't the only thing that keeps them coming back to that moment on the corner.

Format: DVD
Rating (MPAA): PG-13
Originally Released/Aired: 2002
Run Time: 109 min
DVD Special Features:

  • Side 1: Full length feature Widescreen, director commentary by Rick Famuyiwa, editor commentary by Dirk Westervelt, 5 deleted scenes
  • Side 2: Full length feature Pan & Scan, director commentary by Rick Famuyiwa, editor commentary by Dirk Westervelt, theatrical trailer, Erika Badu featuring Common - music video, Mos Def featuring Faith Evans music video
    Audio: Dolby 5.1 Surround
    Video: Widescreen and Full screen format
    Close Captioned: Yes
    Color: Color

    A romantic tale about best friends and their destiny to be together. Their passion for music may have started their friendship but it also helps them find their one true love... Gorgeous movie, lay some of that 'sugar' here.

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