Career Advice - Heathe and Karen Miles

Career Advice - Heathe and Karen Miles

Career advice you wish your mum had told you is a smart new book written by two women who together provide invaluable advice and experience that covers two generations of women in the workforce.

Mother and daughter-in-law team, Karen and Heather Miles, set out to write a book to inspire women to secure career goals, instill self-belief and help them achieve their ambitions.

When author Karen Miles was at her lowest after being retrenched from a job in her twenties, she was lucky enough to have Heather Miles as a mother-in-law, to giver her great career advice and motivation to set her back on path.

As a continual sounding board for her personal and business goals, Heather's expert advice has been invaluable to Karen's success. With such pressure for young woman to succeed in life, Karen knew that a book based on her and other women's personal experiences was bound to help those without a support network.

Career Advice helps young women to start planning their careers and finding the right job to suit there skills. It addresses challenging situations women face as they build their career and gives them the skills and insights to cope and succeed in the workplace.

For most generation Xers and Y's, the opportunity to find their dream job is becoming harder. Gone are the days where people could work their way up the corporate ladder of their chosen company and possibly end up retiring in the same organisation around the age of 60. The stats say that this generation should expect to change jobs eight times and be made redundant three times in their lifetime.

Career Advice provides practical step-by-step strategies for dealing with common career crises, as well as personal stories from a range of career women. Career Advice is a bedside collection of career solutions. You can pick up the book at any page for guidance on issues including how to nail job interviews, making mistakes at work, tricky negotiations and strategic thinking and planning. it is like a series of ideas to try-on for size, based on real career experience.

A must read for anyone entering the workforce, changing career or wanting to progress. A great insight into real life work issues that face us all and practical solutions on how to deal with them.