Chemical Leak

Chemical Leak

Despite her best intentions, Zena keeps getting in trouble. Her parents think she should be more focused on her home and family, and her teachers think she should be less distracted by other members of her class.

When her favourite teacher Miss Kouros gives the science class an assignment on pollution Zena knows this is how she'll get attention in a postitive way. She'll get the best mark in the class, her parents will be proud of her, and she might even get her picture in the local paper. The headline would read 'Brilliant work by young researcher'.

But when Zena investigates a strange liquid in the creek near a chemical factory, her school assignment turns into something else. Zena finds herself in a dangerous situation, trying to find out what this chemical is and why it's in the water, while the chemical company will do anything they can to stop her.

About the Author:
Gillian M Wadds has written for television and the theatre for both children and adults. Her plays have been professionally produced and published in Australia, the UK and the USA. Her stage play 'Who Cares?' has been published in Australia, the USA and the UK.

Chemical Leak
Lothian Books
Author: Gillian M Wadds
ISBN: 073440848X
RRP: $14.95