Chris Telley Kapten & Son Interview

Chris Telley Kapten & Son Interview

Clean, urban and design-oriented, PURE is the latest offering by leading European fashion house, Kapten & Son.

Simple and contemporary, the new PURE range draws inspiration from bustling concrete jungles, and adds a minimalistic yet sophisticated model to Kapten & Son's collection. PURE is available in all black and black with a white face, PURE launches globally on January 22nd, 2017.

Made for the fashion-forward, this versatile watch is designed to suit any outfit, from sports luxe styling to monochrome tailoring, the PURE range guarantees a bold statement.

The sleek design, quality materials and competitive price point makes PURE the must-have timepiece for 2017.

Less is more with Kapten & Son's elegant and minimalist PURE range.

PURE is a statement in style for any outfit, location or season.

Kapten & Son PURE Watch: RRP $149.00


Interview with Chris Telley

Question: Can you tell us about the Kapten & Son range?

Chris Telley: At Kapten we have our beautiful Highland range that launches in March with five styles ranging from $99. Our Classic range is our first range which has interchangeable straps and we've just launched our PURE Watch range; we had a limited edition of 1,000 watches which sold out in just under seven days.

Question: The Kapten & Son range is new in Australia; can you tell us about the introduction?

Chris Telley: Kapten & Son is new in Australia and originated in Germany and that is where we cut our teeth. The brand has been around for two years and we've developed a good following on Instagram which is at 490,000 – they are a great crowd.

Question: What are some of the challenges you faced bringing Kapten & Son to Australia?

Chris Telley: Australia is a much smaller market and the people here are a lot smarter (laughs – I shouldn't say that) what I mean is they are a lot more savvy with brands. We've had a lot of interest from Asia, that's an emerging market which has gone from third-world to first in a couple of years, it's all been very interesting.

Question: Do you have a favourite Kapten & Son product?

Chris Telley: I am pretty bias but I'd have to say the black Pure watch is one of my favourites; it's the newest kid on the block.


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