Clews Love Clews Podcast

Clews Love Clews Podcast

The thriving Sydney sibling duo CLEWS have just revealed their latest creative venture, LOVECLEWS a podcast to accompany their EP LoveluckOmens - released Friday 21st May, with the first episode of the podcast premiering today. Creating a podcast makes available the warmth and charm the girls have as part of the CLEWS arsenal that would otherwise only be on display via their mid-set banter at their live shows. 

Their animated personalities, witty humour and relatable experiences around love, sex and dating is the perfect storm for creating an intimate, honest and refreshing take on dating as modern girls in a modern world. Putting their personalities on full display in the podcast series, Lily and GraceRichardson talk about the themes that thread through their lives and their music, reflecting on what it's like to be navigating new love and relationships.

The podcast series is a way of offering more transparency for audiences and fans; engaging them directly in the themes that dominate the girls' lives and subsequently, their songwriting. The main question that underpins it all is whether you can be lucky in life without falling in love. Sisters Lily and GraceRichardson delve into their journey with dating and relationships or lack thereof with heartwarming parlance, pure honesty and a chaotic sense of humour.

With Grace currently happily in love, Lily is left questioning her own 25 year track-record of being single. LOVE CLEWS sees Grace give unsolicited dating advice, Lily embark on a quest to figure out if she's missing something and the two of them deconstructing the nature and nurture that has influenced their attitudes on love, sex and relationships along the way.

The podcast is about not needing romantic companionship to feel complete, but reflects on how important love is to the human condition. The duo touches on this when discussing their writing process for their latest single "Overluck." 

"[Overluck] sets the theme for our Loveluck Omens EP: being lucky in life but unlucky in love," said CLEWS. "Songwriting is like sharing my feelings with myself, and I didn't realise how worried I was about being alone until I wrote this song. I reflect on being happy where I am in my life but wondering if I'm missing something because I've never been in love. The chorus is a powerful mantra for me as a woman - a reminder that I've made the right choices in my life and always have the power to choose my path. I am the architect of my happiness and pleasure, I don't have to be with anyone I don't want to be with, and I will always choose a spark over the fear of being on my own."

kept busy in 2020, using their time off the road to focus on creating their first body of work and recalibrating their live show for their full-capacity return. LOVE CLEWS is another outstanding contribution to their output as a creative powerhouse. Their music delivers soaring vocals, exceptional songwriting skills and perfect harmonies while their podcast sets out to normalise open conversations about how you can be single, happy and curious all at once.

2021 is set to be a huge year for CLEWS. Lily and Grace are ready to continue their biggest phase of creativity and music yet. CLEWS headed to Next Exit Festival this month, jumping on tour alongside indie heavyweights Ocean Alley, Spacey Jane, Dear Seattle and Merci, Mercy. With four destinations in regional NSW towns Tamworth, Port Macquarie, Gosford, Batemans Bay and finally Mudgee where the sisters spent their winter holidays growing up, CLEWS will be hitting the stage with their latest work. CLEWS will also be hitting the stage with their headline shows LOVELUCK OMENS in late July, visiting Melbourne and Sydney.

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