Could You? Would You?

Could You? Would You?

A book of whimsical pictures, clever questions, possibilities and ideas to tickle young children's imagination,to get kids laughing and thinking, talking, drawing, writing and exploring the world.

What do you look like: do you have a round nose, three eyes, pointy ears? What do you want to do when you grow up: be a doctor, plant trees, own 50 cats? Where do you live: by the sea, up high, in a house your parents built, in a teapot? Does your house have a secret tunnel? Could you fall asleep with a dog, a cat, an owl, a wombat on your bed?

Like an intimate little journal, Could you? Would you? offers a beguiling series of pictures, questions, thoughts and anecdotes to get young children using their imagination to explore ideas about themselves, the world, their hopes and beliefs.

It's an ideal present for children 5-8, and for playful adults. It will be useful in schools as a stimulus for writing, drawing and talking about the major themes of grades Prep to 3 SOSE: self, home, family, community, pets, transport, environment (the natural and the built world), time, change, continuity, traditions, rules.

Trudy White was born in Melbourne, and as an adult has lived in lots of different suburbs around the inner city. She studied art and design at Box Hill TAFE, then went on to art school and majored in painting. She started writing stories and producing hand-made story books during her Bachelor of Arts degree. After art school, she kept making pictures and writing and doing further study, including painting, beekeeping, plant science and writing.

Now she shares a studio with two other artists in an old building right in the middle of Melbourne. All nine floors are occupied by painters, designers, hat makers, jewellers, writers, fashion designers - plus a couple of private eyes!

Trudy rides her bicycle into the studio every day, but when she's not working Trudy likes wandering around looking at buildings and gardens, going to the beach, reading books and seeing friends. Her formerly stray cat, Gogo, likes to sleep on her pillow, next to her head.

Could You? Would You?
Allen & Unwin
Author: Trudy White
ISBN: 1741144620
RRP: $14.95