Daisy Spratt Two Hearts

Daisy Spratt Two Hearts

Daisy Spratt is back again with "Two Hearts"

Daisy has captured our attention and our hearts with each of her releases over the years. She was previously known for her country love songs. However, the past 18-months her music has taken on a new depth.

In 2020, her single "Thinkin' Bout You" shared about mental illness. In March 2021, there was "23", written about her disappointments and expectations in the music industry. Now, in August 2021, she has released her latest track, "Two Hearts", written about her husbands' near drowning on Valentine's Day.

Daisy says: "Of course, I love my husband. But, going through a traumatic experience of nearly losing him that day, it made me realise just how much I don't want to lose him, and how much I love him. The song uses a lot of ocean imagery, and the lyrics in the bridge talk about the moment when he got out of the waves and collapsed onto the shore".

In the end, his near drowning saved his life, as Doctor's discovered he had a form of cancer, and started chemotherapy treatment not long afterwards.

Daisy's single "Two Hearts" is groovy, with a catchy bass line, but as always tells a meaningful and heartfelt story. The song is available across all music platforms from 27 August, 2021.

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