Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs

Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs

Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs

Jackie French at her hilarious best will keep kids laughing for longer!

Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs is the sequel to Lessons for a Werewolf Warrior, continuing the crazy adventures of Book, werewolf and hero-in-the-making!

Boo's another crazy adventure of Heroes, dinosaurs and the most fearsome weapon in the universes... the zombie sausage!

Boojum Bakr, werewolf puppy and student Hero, is about to do what no Hero has done before- go into the scariest universe of them all, the Ghastly Otherwhen, rescue his mum and come back alive.

And he'll need help from his friends: mysterious Yesterday, gorgeous Princess Princess Sunbeam Caresse of Pewke, Mug the down-to-early zombie, and Squeak the warrior mouse.

But the Ghastly Otherwhen isn't what Book expects! And his friends start acting strangely, too...

What is the bond between Yesterday and her dinosaurs? Why won't she let Boo rescue her from slavery? Can Mug really be as dumb as he looks, or are zombies smart in zombie ways? And could Princess Princess be an actual Hero underneath her cowardly exterior?

The bogeys are scarier - and the food is grosser than ever!

Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs is a BIG book. According to Jackie "there are lots of little funny books for kids. Kids are often scared of big books- especially reluctant readers. I wanted to write a big book: a series that is so hilarious and compelling so that reluctant readers get to the last page before they realise just how much they've read."

"Kids need big books- to give them confidence that they can read, but most of all, to teach them how to concentrate on themes and characters and play with new ideas. Zombie sausages and dancing dinosaurs today, the theory of relativity tomorrow... or maybe just how to deign a buss pass that really works."

Jackie French's writing career spans 17 years, 132 books, 23 languages and over 50 awards in Australia and overseas. She writes across all genres- from picture books, humour and history to science fiction. Many of her historical novels take a fresh look at 'the history we thought we knew'.

Jackie is one of the few writers to win almost all of the Australian children's choice awards as well as literary awards. In 2000, Hitler's Daughter was awarded the CBCA Younger Readers' Award. To the Moon and Back won the Eve Pownall Award in 2005. Macbeth and Son, Pharaoh and The Shaggy Gully Times were shortlisted for the 2007 and 2008 CBCA Awards and A Rose for the ANZAC Boys was named an Honour Book in 2009 CBCA Awards. Jackie is a full-time writer who lives in the Araluen Valley, NSW.Andrea F Potter is a Tasmania artist. This is her second book of joyous, whimsical and eerily beautiful illustrations.

Dance of the Deadly Dinosaurs
Harper Collins Publishers Australia
Author: Jackie French
Illustrator: Andrea F Potter
ISBN: 9780732285425
Price: $16.99