Dani Young Blaze

Dani Young Blaze

Golden Guitar finalist Dani Young has released two versions of her stunning new single Blaze, illustrating her versatility as a country artist.

A song where sadness and resilience combine to unwrap the damage from an emotionally abusive situation, Blaze has been a standout success at Young's live gigs where countless women have expressed a deep personal connection with the lyrics.

"I was completely overwhelmed by people coming up to me after every show and sharing their own stories, or that of their daughters who they felt really needed to hear this song." Young said. "I have always believed I am a smart, strong and independent young woman, but toxic people can chip away at your wellbeing, and thinking you can handle it on your own is a mistake."

The gut-wrenchingly vulnerable live acoustic version was recorded at Love Hertz Studios, while a country pop studio version was produced by Australian Idol winner Damien Leith and mixed by Shane Nicholson.

"I used to struggle to get the words out and performed through tears, but now I sing this song as a beacon of hope to other women that they're not alone in their pain, that they can and will walk away a stronger person by standing up for themselves."

Dani Young is a Sydney singer-songwriter turned livestream queen, who has unmistakably stamped her mark on 2020 as the host of two new weekly country music programs - online trivia show Celebrity Country Music Wiz, and daytime talk show The Midday Muster with Dani Young.

This year she became the voice of the new version of REO Speedwagon's Keep On Loving You released through Origin Music Publishing. During the height of lockdown, Dani self-released the dreamy single Outback Lullaby, co-written with Damien Leith and featuring footage sent in by fans around Australia in her music video.

Her much-anticipated first solo record is due for release in 2020. Produced by Damien Leith and Jeremy Edwards, and mixed by Shane Nicholson, the EP combines country and roots influences with her bravely personal songwriting. Blaze is the latest installment in Dani's rise through Australian country music's ranks.

Dani catapulted onto the Australian country music scene, with her debut record Desert Water named a Golden Guitar finalist in 2017. The album of duets with Aboriginal singer Warren H Williams reached #2 on the ARIA Country Albums chart and was also nominated for Best International Release at the Canadian Indigenous Music Awards.