Vali Woods Alien Disco

Vali Woods Alien Disco

After releasing three smashing singles in 2019, rising LA-born and Melbourne-based artist Vali Woods is ready to take over the last quarter of 2020 with a powerful fusion of classic R&B, alternative pop, and ethereal elements"all merged in her newest intergalactic love song 'Alien Disco' now available on all streaming platforms. This genre-defying single is the first track taken from her upcoming album 'I Can't Pretend', which will be available in November.


Produced and mastered by Anoesis, with lyrics written by Vali herself, the track's spacey and ambient sound stirsup the feeling of otherworldliness. Vali's inventive lyricism perfectly captures how love is both a miracle and a forcethat carves out a world reserved for only one person"and how its profound mystery cannot be contained by onegalaxy.


'Alien Disco' pays homage to the old and futuristic styles of R&B, as its vibe takes you back to an '80s disco partybut transports you to a dance floor worlds and years away at the same time. Time and reality seems to besuspended in this fresh single, as it blends past, present, and future sounds.


Influenced by the music of Tinashe, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, among others, Vali believes that musiccan pave the way for healing. Her genre-blurring style pushes for liberation from restrictions, as she champions thethemes of love, loss, and mental health"while showcasing a piece of her spirituality that she hasn't shared to heraudience before.


"Stay true to your artistry and values, don't be afraid to push the boundaries of 'normal'. Stay consistent, persistent andkeep the faith"."Vali Woods


Indeed, Vali's authenticity and persistence shines through, with more than 100,000 streams on Spotify, and nodsfrom music publications such as The Hype Magazine. She is divine and powerful femininityembodied in one person, and the rest of the year has two more singles and an album lined up from her. So don'tmiss out on her upcoming releases by following her socials!

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