Danny da Vinci The Flying Machine of Lombardy

Danny da Vinci The Flying Machine of Lombardy

The second brilliant book in the Danny da Vinci series.

Danny da Vinci and his friends are artistic adventurers who are always getting into trouble. Danny and his best friend Mick Angelo work as apprentices in a large art studio run by Danny's Uncle Leo.

When the Duke of Milan issues a challenge to build a flying machine, Danny and Mick, with more than a little bit of help from Danny's listtle sister Lisa, set to work. They build some fantastic machines, but can they make them fly?

Not only are the Danny da Vinci books lots of fun for kids to read, there are also great facts about Lonardo de Vinci included. Did you know that not only was Leonardo one of hte greatest painters of all time, but he was a sculptor, a scientist and an inventor? He was fascinated by the notion of flying and explored the art of flight at different times throughout his life.

UK born author and illustrator Bruce Whately lives on the NSW south coast with his wife Rosie Smith. They have co-authored many titles. Bruce has recently been experimenting with drawing with his left hand and is currently enrolled as a PhD student at Monash University.

Rosie Smith is heavily involved iwth the local theatre groups including the Berry Drama Group and the Nowra Players. Rosie works with Bruce on the creative process of developing concepts for their own books.

Danny da Vinc
iABC Books
Authors: Bruce Whatley & Rosie Smith
ISBN: 978073332785
RRP: $11.95