Dewey's Nine Lives

Dewey's Nine Lives

Dewey's Nine Lives

The world's best-love library cat returns in a heartwarming collection inspired by true tales of cats and the people whose lives they enriched.

Millions of people around the world were uplifted, touched and heartbroken the story of Dewy, who as a young kitten was found one morning by Vicki Myron in the drop-box of the library where she worked. Dewey went on to become the library cat and change not only Vicki's life, but also the lives of many people in the small town of Spencer, Iowa.

Since Dewey was published Vicki realised, as she met and heard from more and more people, that her relationship with Dewey was special, but it was not unique. Thousands of people wrote saying Dewey reminded them of their own pets, or that he evoked memories of a cat they had known. When these people read about Dewey, they identified with him: his quirks, his habits, his fears and his loves. But they also felt the power of the bond between Dewey and Vicki. They responded to that bond because they had felt something similar with their own pets.

Never give up. Find your place. No matter who you are, you can change the world. Those aren't just messages from Dewey's life. They are messages from every cat's life to those of us with open hearts and minds to hear them.

Dewey's Nine Lives is only partially about Dewey. You won't know their names, but when you read these stories you will understand their experiences; you will know them, because in many ways they are just like you, or your family, or someone you love. Some of the stories are touching; some triumphant; some funny and affecting; all are about the magic that happens when a human being and a cat come together to make their two lives- and by extension their world- a little bit better.

Vicky Myron was Director of Spencer Public Library in Spencer, Iowa, where she met Dewey, and she served in that position for over 25 years before retiring in 2007 to write.

Dewey's Nine Lives
Simon and Schuster
Author: Vicky Myron
ISBN: 9781847378576
Price: $27.99