Dogshare Best Dog-Friendly Parks

Dogshare Best Dog-Friendly Parks

Dogshare Best Dog-Friendly Parks

If the lack of dog-friendly parks in your area is sending you barking mad, not hit up and sniff around the newly launched database of Australia's best dog parks?  Launching with over 1,000 dog parks listed around the country, painstakingly researched and carefully vetted by Dogshare's team of Very Important Pooches, the Parks Database is completely free to access and just another service offered by Australia's only FREE dog sharing website.


Launched earlier this year, much to the delight of busy dog owners, Dogshare allows like-minded and loving dog owners from nearby neighbourhoods to connect with one another and share doggie duties – from play dates, to backyard sharing, walking and holiday minding.  Now, with the addition of a highly comprehensive dog park database, Dogshare users can also uncover the best hound-friendly hangouts in their area.


"Any dog owner will tell you the importance of knowing where their nearest dog-friendly parks are, and after months and months of painstaking research, we're extremely proud to launch our Aussie Dog Parks Database," says Dogshare founder Jessica Thomas, who created the dog sharing website after establishing a mutually beneficial dog-sharing arrangement with a neighbor.  


"Dogshare is all about making life as a dog owner as easy as possible, while making life as a dog better than ever!  We've designed the Parks Database to provide comprehensive information on what each park has to offer, such as whether it's off-lead, fenced, or provides poo bags.  Members can also search for specific dog park criteria, "check in" to their local park so their Dogshare friends can find them and rate their experience," she said.


All of the park information is user generated, so as more people use the service, the better it gets. Additionally, local councils and park rangers are invited to join the Dogshare community so they can provide up-to-date information for park visitors such as off-leash hours, special events or closures, as well as new facility updates.  


"We've launched the database with 1,000 of Australia's best dog parks, but it's designed to grow as our users add to it and rate their favourite parks," says Jessica.  "Dogshare is all about establishing a strong community of dog owners and our parks database is just one of a host of free services we plan to offer our members in due course," she said.


Signing up to Dogshare is simple, and doesn't cost a cent. Users can set up a profile simply by uploading an image of their dog with its size, age and temperament.  Once listed, users can search for suitable dog parks in their area and of course, other members to find the perfect match for their pooch and required needs.


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