Participate in a pet photography book

Participate in a pet photography book

Call out to pet owners to participate in charity pet photography book  


Award-winning pet photography business, Zoo Studio, is calling out to pet owners to showcase their pets as part of an exciting new pet photography book to raise funds for charity to support veterans and first responders impacted by PTSD. Zoo Studio's director and principal photographer, Lorraine Charlecrafte, aims to photograph, produce and launch the book before Christmas and raise over $40,000 in sales to donate to the chosen charity, PTSD Dogs Australia.


"We are so excited about this project. It is going to be fantastic and such a welcome relief from all the COVID challenges we have been dealing with.  What better way to celebrate our pets, who helped so many of us to cope during the pandemic, than through a book that will support our most courageous service providers, Ms Charlecrafte said.


"PTSD Dogs Australia is one of the country's leading charities assisting veterans and first responders impacted by PTSD. They take in unwanted and dispositioned dogs re-home and train them to ensure veterans and first responders never have to walk alone. 


"PTSD assistance dogs are gentle, intuitive, intelligent and full of unconditional love. They can provide a sense of calm amidst turmoil, safety amid confusion and comfort in sadness – which makes them the ideal companion.  Many PTSD assistance dogs help veterans and first responders to live again which is so important," Ms Charlecrafte said.


"We envision the book to be a beautiful mix of giving pet owners the everlasting keepsake experience of a photography session of their beloved pet and the incorporation of the stories of our extraordinary veterans and first responders, past and present.  Funds raised from the book will provide much-needed financial assistance to the charity to assist them to keep doing their vital work."


According to Ms Charlecrafte, the idea to fundraise for PTSD Dogs Australia has come from her family's involvement with working dogs.


"My Dad used to train police and army dogs. Dad instilled in me a love and respect for dogs, and our house felt like a zoo at times because of all the strays that would follow me home," Ms Charlecrafte said.


"Dad was British and served in the British Navy. Mum was a medical laboratory scientist who worked at Veterans Affairs and Repatriation General Hospital (now known as the Austin Hospital). I grew up meeting many past serving military and I always loved listening to their stories. I learnt so much through the years of what past and present serving military and their families endure.


"What our veterans do for us, the general public, and their country goes miles beyond the call of duty; and what they have to endure can be gut-wrenching.


"Sadly, there is not a lot of support for our veterans and they deserve so much more. I grew up learning so much about military dogs and what they do. To watch the bond between a handler/owner and working dog is just incredible. Animals give us so much and we can gain so much from our 'fur family'.


"I want to be able to give back to veterans past and present, to be able to contribute to help their families and to show that we do care, we do listen and that we want to create a community for them where they can turn to for help so they know they are not forgotten."


The book will be published later this year and will be available for sale through Zoo Studio and select book stores.


"We have studios in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, so we are able to photograph people and their pets across three states," Ms Charlecrafte said.


"There is a small cost to participate in the book which involves the photography session fee of $165 of which $100 is donated to PTSD Dogs Australia and people also have the opportunity to purchase their very own artwork in their Ordering and Design Consultation.


"For this charity book project, we are hoping to sell at least 300 copies of the book at $150 each with the aim of raising over $40,000 for PTSD Dogs Australia.  We are passionate and dedicated to making a difference, and what better way than for us to give back to the people and families who have given up so much for our home and country?


"We will be including up to 100 people and their pets.  If you would like to be part of this amazing project, simply reach out to us via our website and submit your interest."


About Zoo Studio


Zoo Studio is a pet photography business with a difference that believes in giving back. To date, the business has raised over $100,000 for various charities.


The team at Zoo Studio work with pet owners to capture unique and memorable photos of their pets to create stunning photographic wall art they can reconnect with for years to come.   Photo sessions are always fun for both owners and their pets.  The team at Zoo Studio follow the lead of the pets and go at their pace, letting them get to know the environment of Zoo Studio's purpose-built photography studio. Treats and toys are also made available as part of the process.


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