Donna Hay Magazine Issue 40

Donna Hay Magazine Issue 40

Donna Hay Magazine

"First rule: Entertaining is only as hard as you make it. It can be as simple as having close friends over or as lavish as a sit-down dinner to celebrate a special occasion." Donna.

Whether you're planning casual Friday night nibbles, a sit-down Sunday lunch or a big night in, we've got all your needs covered in our spectacular annual entertaining issue, from perfect party starters and easy mains to classic sides and divine desserts. Just mix and match your favourites.

"The aim is for you to pick and choose and tailor-make your own menu to suit any taste or occasion?" Donna

Mezze, tapas, antipasti... the ultimate grazing menu- the fun begins with the best party starters around. Choose from an array of little morsels, such as crumbed artichokes with white bean dip, crispy school prawns with lemon aioli, or pine-nut crusted haloumi. All that's left to do is add a few friends, some vino and spirited conversation. We'll drink to that!

Simple mains and sides to suit any occasion- for special dinners big or small, pick from our compilation of mains and sides. Try a wonderful twist on a traditional roast chicken and spread your wings with a roasted spatchcock, goat's curd semolina and quince glaze. It sounds time-consuming but really isn't and your guests need never know! Or why not beef up a pub classic of steak and chips and try our scotch fillet with polenta chips and glazed beetroot.

Treat your friends to a big night in- this tasting menu of little bites is sure to kick off the sunset hour in style. Start with a fig martini and then indulge in tea-smoked salmon, or duck with slow-braised lentils and sage or roasted garlic pasta with quail egg. Chocolate creme brulee tarts are sure to seal the deal.

Make a lasting impression with divine desserts- subtly sweet and not overly rich, these treats make a wonderful sweet finale. Whether coconut panna cotta with pomegranate jelly, honeycomb bombe Alaska or white chocolate mousse with cocoa snaps, they're sure to leave your guests completely satisfied.