Fernwood Fabulous Food Recipe Book

Fernwood Fabulous Food Recipe Book


Did you know it takes 21 days to form a new habit, and 45 days to break an old one? Breaking the bad habit cycle is top priority with Fernwood Women's Health Clubs Slimplicity program - the healthy and long term approach to weight loss, coaching women on achieving healthy and balanced lifestyle habits which can be realistically applied to everyday living.

In a recent survey of Slimplicity members conducted by Fernwood Women's Health Clubs, 62.3% of members' New Years resolution in 2005 was to lose weight, whilst 89.5% said they had always struggled to maintain a healthy weight prior to joining Fernwood.

During the past three years, 66.6% of members have tried at least one other diet or weight loss program prior to joining the Slimplicity program - the most popular being Weight Watchers which 60.8% of members had trialed, 36.5% with Jenny Craig, and 29.4% the Atkins Diet.

Of these 'other' diets or weight loss programs trialed, 72% stated that none of the programs helped to achieve their goal or maintain it for longer than a period of 2 months.

Asked what they believed was the contributing factor for adding on the extra kilos - 70.2% of members said it was due to minimal exercise, 57.2% to overeating, 46.6% to no motivation, 39% to emotional eating, whilst 22.2% contribute their weight gain to pregnancy or having children.

A total of 77.3% chose the Fernwood Slimplicity program over others because of its whole package combining physical activity, nutritional advice and counseling.

Through the program, members are coached on a weekly basis on the healthy and long term approach to weight loss - ensuring the amount of energy going into your body through food is less than the energy being expended through physical activity.

Rather than losing weight through pre-packed meals (which don't teach you how to keep the weight off), members are encouraged to buy regular food from the supermarket and simply learn good eating habits using foods they're used to - something the whole family can benefit from!

Another optional component of the program, or perfect for women on the go is the Slim Shake. This ideal weight loss supplement is low in GI and a great source of protein, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients - whilst also offering a great energy boost before or after physical activity.

The recipes in 'Fabulous Food' come from the Fernwood Women's Health Clubs' weight management program. At Fernwood, they believe that taking care of yourself doesn't mean you have to suffer or be hungry.

Simplicity is a long-term eating plan, designed under the direction of their advisory council and a dietitian who believes food should be delicious as well as nutritious.

The guidelines are perfectly suited to busy women in today's demanding world. Showing you how to enjoy five delicious meals each day, kick starting the metabolism and preventing hunger. The recipes use everyday ingredients and are suitable for dinner parties, business lunches, quiet nights at home and family meals.

Fernwood Women's Health Clubs was established in 1989 as a single club in Bendigo, Victoria. Today, with 65 health clubs across Australia, Fernwood is the largest women's only health club in Australia, with more than 80,000 members, 2,275 employees, and an annual turnover in excess of $75 million.

Starting a new diet can leave you hungry and uninspired by food choices. Fernwood's Fabulous Food is realistic, food doesn't have to be boring because it's good for you. Calorie counting isn't so tedious if you can follow recipe books to suit your mood or taste. Healthy living and weight management made easy with Fernwood's Fabulous Food!

For further information on Slimplicity including Fernwood's published recipe book, Fabulous Food (RRP$14.95) visit the website at: www.fernwoodfitness.com.au

Pumpkin and Green Curry Soup
Asian Lime Chicken Salad
Caramelised Onion and Potato Frittata / Sweet Potato and Chicken Pizza
Lamb Curry with Spinach / Curry in a Hurry