Healthy Chinese Soups and Drinks

Healthy Chinese Soups and Drinks

Healthy Chinese Soups and Drinks

Summer's gone and winter's on the way so it's important to eat well to stay strong and healthy through the cold season. Many Chinese believe certain ingredients and combinations have powerful healing effects on the body, with warm soups being an effective way to boost the immune system, and cool soups and drinks effective in regulating body temperature when it is overheated due to winter bugs.

Susan Chan's new Healthy Chinese Soups and Drinks contains 70 recipes, each with health benefits that the Chinese have made use of for centuries. Filled to the brim with a mixture of traditional and modern recipes, not only is this book informative about the health benefits of ingredeitns but it will also take you on a tantalising trip that will change you mind about soups forever.

More and more, people are choosing to go down the natural path when it comes to treating common colds and milder symptoms, using ingredients like lemon grass to relieve coughs and nasal congestion and pepper to assist digestion. Healthy Chinese Soups and Drinks use these and many more to provide you with a range of sumptuous winter treats that also have a strong health kick!

So grab a copy and spend the winter days warm and revitalised

Susan Chan was born in China and brought up in Burma where she was taught by her mother the skills and traditions of Chinese cusine. Her passion for food and cooking became evident with her first book, Flavours of Burma, published in 2003. Healthy Chinese Soups and Drinks is Susan's second book.

Healthy Chinese Soups and Drinks
New Holland Press
Author: Susan Chan
ISBN: 9781742570365
Price: $29.95