Easy Peasy

Easy Peasy
In a world where our lifestyles are becoming increasingly hectic and demanding, few of us have time or inspiration to create imaginative and healthy lunchbox treats, conjure up gastronomically satisfying suppers or pull together exciting dinner party delicacies.

Sophie Wright is the star of a new generation of British chefs. In this, her stunning debut, she merges the sophistication inspired by her classical training with a youthful, laid-back approach that ensures all her recipes are simple to make. There's never been a better way to start off a lazy weekend with a big brunch of blueberry and banana pancakes! Or invite the girls over for a spot of high tea and gossip over a pink seafood quiche or spice up a fashionably fiery fiesta evening with some tequila chicken wings. These chic, delectable treats will show you how effortless entreating can really be. And when the kids moan about the same old boring lunches and sandwiches, then a posh lunchbox full of creative dips, crunchy salads and healthy treats will have them tucking in with delight at lunchtime.

Avoiding culinary jargon and obscure ingredients, Sophie's approach is accessible, flexible and, at times, a tiny bit irreverent. At a ripe age of 21, she understand the importance of getting young people inspired and excited about cooking and her unpretentious, down-to-earth approach means that anyone trying to watch those pennies can still create gorgeous, appealing dishes that won't break the bank. Sophie will teach you to become passionate about food, encourage you to come up with your own bright ideas and discover new culinary skills that will be sure to impress your friends. She also provides useful tips to improve your dishes and your techniques, making this book a real cooking experience for the inexperienced

Sophie Wright is the youngest and brightest star of British cuisine. Trained in French cuisine at Westminster Kingsway College, she was the Highest Achieving Female student and Highest Achieving Competition Chef. The Craft Guild of Chefs also acknowledged her college achievements with the Top Graduate Achiever Award. Sophie makes regular appearances on UK TV and is due to launch a range of kitchen essentials in 2009, including knives, utensils and bake ware which will be available worldwide.

Review: With such busy lifestyles, Easy Peasy makes food fun again. By removing the stress in cooking, we can enjoy a meal knowing it looks, tastes & is great for us.

Easy Peasy
Simon and Schuster Australia
Author: Sophie Wright
ISBN: 9781856267878
Price: $34.95