Eat Fresh

Eat Fresh

Eat Fresh: Cooking Through the Seasons

Meals in minutes, ready-made food, eating without thinking: we've become obsessed with making food quick, easy and tasty enough to be palatable. Cooking and eating with gusto has almost become a forgotten practice.

Cook and food writer Annabel Langbein believes it's time to reclaim the simple joys of cooking and eating by slowing down and enjoying the taste of fresh, seasonal food.

"Cooking has given me enormous pleasure throughout my life. Now I want to share my knowledge, skills and experience so people can appreciate that cooking can be rewarding and fun" says Annabel.

"The language of food is universal and we can all share and take pleasure in it. No matter what the season, budget or company, good food can be enjoyed by everybody!"

Divided into seasons Annabel's new book Eat Fresh showcases the very best ingredients available each season in hundreds of simple recipes that are busting with fresh flavours. From spring stir-fries and summer salas to autumnal roasts and winter soups, these home-cooked flavours are down-to-earth and comforting.

It's time to slow down, get back to basics and create food that nourishes both the body and the soul. Eat Fresh connects us to the rhythms of nature so we can enjoy eating fresh, seasonal fare at its very best.

Annabel Langbein grew up in New Zealand and studied horticulture at Lincoln University. Never formally training as a chef, she has worked in kitchens for 20 years where she developed her fresh, light cooking style that focuses on seasonal ingredients and sustainable food productions. She is the author of 14 cookbooks and lives in Auckland with her husband and two children.

Review: Everyone should be able to look after themselves and eat fresh. You don't have to be a chef, just respect what you put into your body, this will guide you through the seasons so that you don't give in to fast food, cold weather or just plain laziness.

Eat Fresh
Simon and Schuster Australia
Author: Annabel Langbein
ISBN: 978073181483
Price: $34.95