Donna Missal Let You Let Me Down

Donna Missal  Let You Let Me Down

On July 10, Donna Missal will release her new album, Lighter, the follow-up to her 2018 full-length debut, This Time. Donna – who has amassed over 33 million global streams in her career to date – released a new single today, "Let You Let Me Down."


Donna Missal says, "I got to a point in writing the album that I had said everything I wanted to say about someone else messing up. I wanted to talk about the role I played in letting something consume me and burn me down. In 'Let You Let Me Down,' I'm addressing that I need to change too, so I don't rebuild myself the same way but come back from it stronger and better."


Donna explains, "We ran around, using what we had and just playing. It was really cathartic. I wanted it to feel like it belonged to the story I had set out to tell with this album, before the stay-at-home order, so I dyed a bodysuit from white to black that my stylist Brett Alan Nelson had made for the 'Hurt By You' video. I felt like a kid, remembering what it was like to make things for fun. I think we ended up with something that feels more personal than what we could have made under different (normal) circumstances. So I'm embracing that."


"Hurt By You" has already amassed more than one million cumulative global streams and been featured on numerous playlists. The official video, which received a YouTube premiere, has been added to MTVu. NYLON noted, "This song was made for rolling the windows down and speeding on the backroads." Ones to Watch observed, "Missal's voice has the ability to wrench your heart…Her passionate grit translates in her exhales alone."


Early in the recording process, Donna decided on the album's title: Lighter. She explains, "It represents the concept of burning shit down all around you and rising from the ashes." Ironically, through writing about the process of heartbreak and destruction, she's now more firmly in the driving seat than ever. Where her debut LP captured little moments, Lighter is the big picture. Produced by Andrew Wells (X Ambassadors, Fitz and the Tantrums, Bebe Rexha), it's an album about fragility, self-acceptance and self-discovery. It's a timeless work from an artist who's not playing by anyone else's rules.