Don't Be That Girl

Don't Be That Girl

So who exactly is that girl? She is the girl who has an agenda and who will do anything to get married, the girl who agrees with anything the man in her life says. She is the girl who is bitter at the world and take sit out on every man she comes in contact with, the girl who is painfully insecure about every facet of her life. In short she's the girl not happy being herself and who just doesn't get it. She is the girl that most men are not looking for.

In Don't Be That Girl, Your Foolproof Plan to Get That Man author Dr Travis Stork discusses that if you're able to develop strong self-confidence and become independently happy, then you will attract the type of man who would feel honoured to have you in his life. Confidence is sexy and it if you're into you, then he'll be into you. Don't Be That Girl is not just a book about finding the right man it's a book to help you build the confidence to be happy in who you are.

If you have ever struggled in life or in love, just remember that at one point or another in our lives we have all been that girl. Life is so exhausting if you are constantly trying to impress and be someone you're not. A woman who is happy being who she is, is a woman who will eventually find her prince charming.

Dr Travis L. Storkearned his medical degree from the University of Virginia and graduated magna cum laude from Duke University. Dr Stork was the star of The Bachelor: Paris and will be the host of the much anticipated spin-off of the Dr Phil Show called The Doctors which is scheduled for production later this year. He currently lives in Colorado, where he works as an ER doctor.

Leah Furmanhas written and co-written 25 books, including Single Jewish Female, The Everything Dating Books, and Generation Inc. She lives in New York City.

Don't Be That Girl
Simon and Schuster
Author: Travis. L. Stork M.D
ISBN: 9781847391810
Price: $24.95