Dragon Blood Pirates Series 3

Dragon Blood Pirates Series 3

Dragon Blood Pirates Series 3

Dragon Blood Pirates will sail into stores in October 2009.

The last adventure for Al and Owen in the Dragon Blood Islands... will they make it out safety?

Al and Owen are back in a spine shivering spectacular new Dragon Blood Pirates series!

Al and Owen are intrigued by the Dragon Blood Islands more than ever after Al's dad casually reveals his own father's connections to them.

Keen to find out more and uncover the secret words that empower the magical sabre, the boys head back to the islands.

Full of death defying, action-packed pirate adventures, the third series is not to be missed! Arrr!

13. Dragon Blood Pirates: Slitgut and the Emerald Eyes

Captain Slitgut wants to be king of the Dragon Blood Pirates. First he steals the emerald eyes from the idol on Sabre Island, then he plans to come back and kill all the elephants! Will Al and Owen be able to stop him?

ISBN: 9780734411198

14. Dragon Blood Pirates: Dead Man's Whirlpool

Al and Owen return to the Dragon Blood Islands, only to be captured by Captain Slitgut. He forces them to walk the plank and they are sucked into the dreaded Dead Man's Whirlpool. No one makes it out of there alive... Or do they?

ISBN: 9780734411204

15. Dragon Blood Pirates: Voodoo City

Legends say there is treasure hidden deep within the abandoned voodoo temple on Ruby Island. But the treasure is cursed, and Al and Owen are warned not to go looking for it. Will they heed the warning?

ISBN: 9780734411211

16. Dragon Blood Pirates: Graveyard Diamonds

A fortune in diamonds is buried in a grave on Casket Island. Al and Owen set sail to find the treasure with Captain Gunner and his crew. But can they trust everyone on board? Andwhat other secrets does the grave hold?

ISBN: 9780734411228

17. Dragon Blood Pirates: Ransom

The dreaded Captain Slitgut has kidnapped Al's sister, Hally, and her friend Grenda. Al and Owen must rescue the girls, but a jungle full of angry apes, a perilous cliff and three huge bloodthirsty dogs stand in their way...

ISBN: 978073441123

18. Dragon Blood Pirates: The Power of the Sabre

Deep in the heart of Dragon Island lies the sorcerer's workroom. Does it hold the key to unleashing the power of the Dragon Blood Sabre? And will Al and Owen be able to harness its magic before it falls into the hands of their enemies?

ISBN: 9780734411242

Dragon Blood Pirates Series 3
Hachette Children's Books
Author: Dan Jerris
RRP: $12.99