Dragon Blood Pirates

Shiver Me Timbers!

Fast-paced and dramtic, we follow the adventures of Al and Owen, who are mysteriously transported right into the middle of a land of warring pirates.

Treasures, secrets, wild storms and death-defying adventures engulf the boys as the mysteries of the Dragron Blood Island unfold.

Only the bravest and heartiest adventures amon'ye should dare t' enter or magical Dragon Blood Pirates world!

1. Dragon Blood Pirates - Death Diamond

What are Al and Owen doing on a small rocky outcrop in the middle of the ocean? Does it have anything to do with the old sea trunk they were peering into only seconds ago? And are the pirates who rescue them friends or foes?
ISBN: 9780734410719

2.Dragon Blood Pirates- Doubloons and Disasters

Al and Owen are back in the Dragon Blood Island, this time kidnapped by the terrifying Captain Blacktooth. But there are secrets out there that must be unearthed. Will Al and Owen be the ones to uncover the biggest mystery of all?
ISBN: 9780734410726

3. Dragon Blood Pirates - Idols and Ivory

The elephants of Sabre Island are in danger! First Snotty Nell kidnaps their babies, then Captain Blacktooth wants to steal their ivory. Al and Owen must fight the pirates to save the wonderful creatures.... before it's too late.
ISBN: 9780734410733

4. Dragon Blood Pirates - Jewels and Jolly Rogers

There is treasure to be found on Cannibal Island.... that is, if you can get past the gruesome shrunken heads that hang from the trees, moaning and chanting, 'Dinner you'll be!' Will Al and Owen make it out of there alive?
ISBN: 9780734410757

5. Dragon Blood Pirates - Treasure and Trouble

An old diary and a mysterious brooch.... Together, they hold the secret to the missing Dragon Blood Sabre that once belonged to Prince Alleric. Can Al and Owen work out the code? The mystery of Sabre Island is about to be unleashed.
ISBN: 9780734410764

6. Dragon Blood Pirates - Skulls and Sabres

Deep within Ghost Island, the ghosts are moaning, 'We will get you!' As Al and Owen continue their search for the magical Dragon Blood Sabre, one final surpise awaits them: They are about to come face to face with the most terrifying pirate of all.
ISBN: 9780734410771

Lothian Children's Books
Author: Dan Jerris
RRP: $12.99 each