eleven7four Where It Hurts

eleven7four Where It Hurts

New Zealand hip hop duo eleven7four announce the release of their debut album What's The 1174? (Side 1), due on June 19 via Step 11 Records / Universal Music Group New Zealand. Today, the twin brothers, Shingi andMuche, share lead single "Where It Hurts" featuring Grammy-nominated artist/songwriter, Tayla Parx (Ariana Grande, Khalid, Panic! At The Disco).


The brothers met Parx at a music festival in New Zealand and hit it off immediately - spending the next two days showing her their neighbourhood and favourite local spots. Contact details were exchanged, and the next thing Shingi and Muche knew, they were on their way to New York to write with Parx.


"For us to be in New York writing this album with Tayla Parx, one of the most talented artist/songwriters in the world, was a total trip, and something a lot of people didn't see coming," the boys explain. "This song is not only about hitting those doubters 'where it hurts', but about that entire journey: From the airport to the studio, being in New York for the first time…it was a sensory overload.


"So excited to see this project out there in the world! It's a true example of what it means to have fun with the homies and articulate in music form. Turn this up and let it be the soundtrack to next best night !" – Tayla Parx


The twins add "'What's the 1174? (Side 1)' is the soundtrack to one of the craziest nights of our lives, each song represents a different saga of the night - from 'Stupid Crazy' where you let it all go for the sake of fun and laughter, to the invoking rebellious spirit of punk rock on 'T.H.U.G.'. Every song on the album is about having fun, which represents us as people and artists. We want to experience all things fun in life and make it sound dope while doing so!"