Faraway Fairies Magical Spells Collection

Faraway Fairies Magical Spells Collection

Faraway Fairies: Magical Spells Collection

The Wonderful Starberries - Blaize has lost his magical guitar, and someone is playing terrible tunes with it and mesmerising everyone on Faraway Island. Astara sets a quest for the fairies to make a new guitar to restore peace to the island. Can the fairies find the rare and special materials they need?

The Magical Upside-Down Plant - Garton the Ghastly has stolen the fairies precious Plant Spell Book and worked out how to use a poisonous black flower to turn the whole island upside down! The Fairies need the help of the Midnight Fairy before their world changes forever....

The Fire Flower - Eden has made friends with a strange, gentle beast, the qilin, whose favourite food is the magical fire flower. But when the Goblin King captures the qilin and uses it to attack the fairy castle, the fairies must undo his evil tricks. Will the fire flower be the key?

The Golden Flower - Something or someone is causing the land on Faraway Island to be spoiled. Trees are being cut down and the Diamond River is dirty, making Ziel, the Asrai River Fairy Princess, very sick. Can the golden flower of Mistral trees help save the land?

The Magical Roses - Things are going missing on Faraway Island - the jewels on the Scented Hills and worst of all the fairies voices! Astara and her friends must get their voices back so they can work out why things are disappearing. They need the help of the flower fairies and some magical purple roses...

The Silver Nut Tree - Astara, Eden, Puck and Blaize have been captured by the Siduri, greedy women who feed them spellbinding silver nuts to make them work as slaves, weaving nets to capture the moon. Can Cedar release her fairy friends and save the moon before it disappears forever?

The next installment of the enchanting Faraway Fairies series is here! Astara the Fairy Queen and her friends must stop Garton, the evil new King of the Grim Goblins, from plotting to take over the Fairy Castle and destroying the wonderful natural environment!

His tricks are nastier and more dangerous than ever, so the fairies need the help of special magical plants found around the island to help save their precious land and its inhabitants!

Fly away with Astara, Cedar, Eden, Blaize and Puck, on lots of exhilarating journeys, and meet some truly delightful new friends along the way!

All the magic of fairies, dragons, goblins and other mythical creatures with a new twist -- Australian mythology entwined with other popular myths! Each book is one continuous story with short, fun chapters. Gorgeous illustrations bring the characters and storylines to life!

Eleanor Coombe developed a fascination for legends and metaphysics while she studied at university, and has since traveled widely exploring the myths of different countries. She is the author of many successful children's books and games, which she has licensed and sold through Mattel, Pancake Press, Funtastic and Landsdowne, and in 2000 was awarded a Distinguished Alumni Award by Canberra University for her contribution to children's literature and games. She lives in Tasmania.

Andrew Smith worked as an assistant lecturer in psychology and only drew for himself until it occurred to him that he may be able to earn a living doing what he loves. He has since worked as a web and graphic designer and is now a (self-taught) freelance illustrator. He lives in Melbourne.

Review: With black and white images scattered throughout the book, The Faraway Fairies Series is easy to read to children, and by children. These short stories will capture the imagination and enchant young girls.

Faraway Fairies Magical Spells Collection
Published by Lothian Children's Books
Author: Eleanor Coombe
Illustrator: by Andrew Smith
Recommended age 6+
RRP: $12.99