Flax the Feral Fairy

Flax the Feral Fairy

Tired of being the odd fairy at Miss Kisses' Academy of Sweetness, Flax Lililykicker is out to earn herself a 'Badge of Badness' with the hope of making her way into the Abademy: the school for bad fairies! Together with her new friend the dog-fae, Flax hatches a plan that's really bad. But can she be bad enough?

Mal the Mischievous Mermaid:
Mal is worried she will never be as bad a mermaid as her perfect sister Sal. But when she is offered the chance to win a 'Badge of Badness', things start to look a little brighter. Well they would if she could get the idea of winning The Face of Mermaid Bay out of her head!


  • Fun that will appeal to girls who love fairies and those who think that traditional fairies are just a bit too pink!
  • Gutsy girl characters with spunk and personality
  • Accessible themes and stories that even the most reluctant readers will love
  • Lively and funny illustrations throughout
  • Foil, glitter and sparkle
  • FREE tattoos inside every book
    Tiffany Mandrake: lives in a cosy but creepy cottage in the grounds of Hag's Abademy. Hag's Abademy is where bad fairies go to study badness. When she is not playing 'the Hag', she is a prolific author of children's fiction.

    Martin Chatterton:is well-known as both a writer and an illustrator of books for children. His illustrations have earned him many badges of badness (badness actually means excellence, the badder the better). His illustrations in the Little Horrors series are badder than ever.

    Little Horrors, Flax the Feral Fairy
    Little Hare
    Authors: Tiffany Mandrake and Martin Chatterton
    ISBN: Flax the Feral Fairy: 9781921272707 and Mal the Mischievous Mermaid: 9781921272714
    Price: $10.99

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