Franny's Feet Wonderful Woolies Vol 1 dvd

Franny's Feet Wonderful Woolies Vol 1 dvd

Franny's Feet: Wondeful Woolies (Vol 1)

Genre: Kids, Family.
Rated: G
Number of discs: 1
Running Time: 88 minutes

Where will my feet take me today?
As seen on ABC TV. Each 11 minute episode sees Franny off on a different adventure. She puts on the fisherman's boots and lands on a trawler in the middle of the Atlantic. She slips on a pair of hiking boots and is off on an African adventure.

Franny's adventures go well beyond the day-to-day world of school and home life. Franny's Feet lets children explore the bigger world and shows them that you are never too small or too young to be a big help.

My name is Franny and I'm five and a half years old. Every afternoon my Grandpa looks after me in his shoe repair shop. I always try the shoes on before I put them in the fix-it box. They take me on amazing adventures where I meet new friends and discover new places. Fantastic!

1A - Wonderful Woolies - rubber boots
Logline: a little sheep is not as wooly as the other sheep
Synopsis: Franny whirls and twirls to a farm on Salt Spring Island where she meets a little sheep named Walter. Walter is sad because he isn't as fluffy as the other sheep. Franny helps him see that having lots of wool isn't the only way to contribute and by the time Franny leaves, Walter feels pretty pleased with himself.

1B - A Home For Herman - flip-flops
Logline: a hermit crab needs a new shell
Synopsis: Franny visits a tide pool on a beautiful beach and meets Herman, a hermit crab who's outgrown his shell. Together they set off to find Herman a new home. Only finding another shell turns out to be harder than they thought. After a few exciting adventures, and a couple of false starts, they finally find a shell that's just right for the little crab.

2A - Small is Beautiful - fireman boots
Logline: a fire station dog feels he's too small
Synopsis: Franny visits a fire station where she meets Brady, the fire station dog. All Brady wants to do is help the firefighters but he's too small to accompany them on their firefighting missions. With Franny's assistance, he learns that you're never too small to be a big help.

2B - Opening Night Jitters - magician's high tops
Logline: a magic show rabbit is scared of the dark
Synopsis: At a rehearsal for a magic show, Franny meets Jitters, a little rabbit who gets pulled out of a hat. The trouble is, it's dark inside the hat, and Jitters doesn't like the dark. Jitters is considering quitting the show, but Franny finds a way to help him overcome his fear so the show and Jitters can go on.

3A - Not Yeti - mukluks
Logline: a lonely abominable snowman needs a friend
Synopsis: Franny is transported to the frozen tundra where she meets two little lost penguins that need help finding their colony. On their way, they run into Freddy the Yeti, an abominable snowman. At first Freddy scares them, but they soon realize he's just lonely. Freddy helps them find the penguin colony and Franny helps Freddy make new friends.

3B - Jingle Dress - moccasins
Logline: a native girl at a Potlach/PowWow loses her dancing dress
Synopsis: Franny attends a Potlatch/PowWow where she makes friends with Lacey, a native girl who's supposed to perform a traditional dance. Problem is, Lacey can't find her special dancing dress. With Franny's help, she finds a creative solution to her dilemma and dances more wonderfully than ever.

4A - Ride'em Cowboy - cowboy boots
Logline: a rodeo horse isn't cut out to be a bucking bronco
Synopsis: Franny visits the rodeo where she meets Charlie, a bucking bronco with no bounce in his buck. If Charlie can't buck better he'll have to leave the rodeo. Franny tries to help him but finally realizes he's just not cut out to be a bucking bronco. With her help he finds his true calling and can stay in the rodeo after all.

4B - Monkey Stuff: jungle boots
Logline: a jungle monkey who's afraid to climb trees
Synopsis: Franny pops up in the jungle and meets Morrison, an energetic monkey who's afraid to climb trees. Franny encourages him to overcome his fear but it's not until his pal, a wild little pig, gets into danger that Morrison finds his courage.

Franny's Feet Wonderful Woolies Vol 1
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