Angela Anaconda Angela Who?

Angela Anaconda Angela Who?

Angela Anaconda: Angela Who?

Volume 3 of 11 (contains 5 episodes)

Director : Jeff Margolis
Genre: Kids, Family.
Rated: G
Running Time: 130 minutes
RRP: $14.65

Angela is convinced that she is adopted.

My name is Angela. On the surface I am pretty much an average 8-year-old with two many freckles, but in fact I am much more special and imaginative than you might think. I just do my best to deal with life's ups and downs, of which the biggest is a certain pretend French, know-it-all Nanette-compoop. And who I hope will fall into a volcano and be spit back up into space where she would float aimlessly until a satellite crashed into her and sent her hurtling back down to the French sea where she would scream for me to save her and I would do so only as a favor to the fishes who could no longer stand her whining. And that's about it.

Episode 11A "My Fair Lulu" Angela discovers that having a baby sister can be O.K.
Angela is fed up with her baby sister Lulu. Not only did she cause Angela to get Poisen Ivy and miss showing off her Butterfly at All-Creatures-Great-And-Small-Week at school, but she scares her friends away and is always doing something to bug Angela. The final straw is when Lulu lets Angela's perfect butterfly out of it's containment unit and it flies out the window. Angela thinks having a baby sister is the worse thing ever. But Lulu saves the day and ends up helping Angela get the butterfly back. Angela sees that Baby Lulu can be and ally and takes her sister under her wing and shows her the fine art of throwing water balloons. At their older brothers expense of course.

Episode 11B "Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore" The kids find out that Johnny is moving.
According to Nonna and Nicky Abatti, Johnny and his parents are moving! At first all Angela and Gina can think about is Johnny's toys that he should leave for them. Until Nanette Manoir comes along announcing that she is throwing Johnny a going away party. Not to be outdone, Angela instantly announces her intent to throw Johnny a party. In the meanwhile Johnny finds out that he isn't really moving out of town but just to a hotel for a few days while his house is being fumigated. His Uncle Nicky convinces Johnny not to tell his friends the truth so that he can milk the attention he is getting from the girls. The day of the dueling parties comes and Uncle Nicky inadvertently lets the truth about Johnny's 'move' slip. Nanette abandons ship but Angela decides a party is still a party.

Episode 12A "Bathroom Blues" Angela gets herself trapped in the Boys Bathroom.
While impatiently waiting in a long line to use the girl's bathroom Angela begins to wonders why there is no line for the boy's bathroom. Maybe the boy's room is considerably larger than the girls? Maybe it is like a pit stop in a auto race? Well there is only one way to find out. Angela climbs up a tree in order to get a peek in the window but makes a fumble and ends up falling right into the bathroom! Angela is mortified and has no idea how to get out. She makes several attempts but all to no avail. In the end it is the squeamish but gallant Gordy Rhinehart comes to rescue and it is Mrs. Brinks and Nanette who end up trapped in this most inappropriate of places.

Episode 12B "Garbage Swingers" Angela & the gang get to go riding around in a garbage truck.
When Uncle Nicky gets sentenced to driving a garbage truck for community service Johnny invites Angela and Gina to come along for a ride. The kids have great fun looking through other peoples' garbage and riding to school in the truck. Nanette is disgusted at this activity and tries to alienate Angela and her friends from the rest of their classmates by announcing that the trio arrived at school in a 'sanitation vehicle'. Nanette plans backfire when all of the kids in class think that this is cool and want a ride too. When Mrs. Brinks find out about the garbage truck joy rides she quickly puts an end to them. Angela gets the last word though when she shows Mrs. Brinks one of her "stellar student stars" that she found in Nanette's garbage!

Episode 13A "Mapperson's Daughter" Mapperson's Bakery runs a contest to find the new face for it's bakery truck.
Mapperson's Bakery is running a contest to find a new 'face' for the Mapperson's Bakery Delivery Truck. Angela is sure she is a shoe in until Johnny announces it to the entire school and soon everyone is vying for the title. Everyone except Gina Lash who believes it is the product that makes Mapperson's so special not all of the commercialism. Nanette is also in the running with her professionally done photographs and of course she and Angela spend their time trying to sabotage the others' efforts. The big day arrives and Mr. Mapperson makes the announcement. The new face for the truck is ... Gina Lash! Mr. Mapperson explains that Gina is his biggest customer and therefore a natural choice to represent Mapperson's Bakery.

Episode 13B "Big Ho Down" Angela's Dad challenges Nanette's in the father-daughter Ho-Down.
Angela is totally embarrassed that her Dad, Bill is making her dance with him in the annual Father-Daughter Ho-Down. Even worse he is taking her shopping for Western Duds! At Spangley Jangles Western Shop they run in to Nanette and her Father, Howell, who have won the Father-Daughter Ho-Down for the last two years. Howell makes some snide remarks about the Anacondas and Angela's ability to dance which infuriate Bill who then challenges Howell to a Ho-Down Show-Down! Both teams practice every waking hour before the big night but in the end Howell's many bribes pay off and the Manoirs win the Ho-Down for the third year in a row. Too bad for the Manoirs Bill has played a trick of his own which involves his two-way-super-sticky-tape and the insides of the Manoirs cowboy hats!

Episode 14A "Rough Times Tables" Nanette has problems with her multiplication tables.
Angela's class is working on their multiplication tables and for once Angela is having no problems because Gina Lash ? smartest in class has been helping her study. But to everyone's surprise, and Angela's delight, Nanette is having all kinds of problems with multiplication. Angela decides that she is now good enough to start playing and stop studying. Gina warns her that repetition is the key to memorization but Angela is convinced that she has it all in her head. Nanette now enlists Gina as her tutor for the price of as many free cinnamon swirls as Gina can eat. Nanette passes the big test with flying colors whereas Angela doesn't even answer a question. Angela is sentenced to three weeks of math during recess but her ever faithful pal Gina volunteers to take the punishment with her and act as her personal tutor for every recess.

Episode 14B "Works of Art" Angela draws an insulting picture of Mrs. Brinks.
Mrs. Brinks poses as the model during Art Class. Nanette of course draws a picture of a beautiful woman barely resembling Mrs. Brinks whereas Angela tries to capture the "true woman". When Mrs. Brinks sees Angela's drawing she is appalled and insists that Angela fix it at once. Nanette chides that perhaps Angela doesn't have the artistic ability. All of Angela's friends think her picture is great and as a joke Angela doctors the picture to be an even more hideous representation of their teacher and the kids think this is hilarious. On the way home from school the kids want to see the picture again but when Angela tries to find it in her bag it is missing. She left it on her desk instead of her test paper! Angela and the gang sneak back into the school to get the picture before Mrs. Brinks see it.

Episode 15A "Angela Who?" Angela is convinced that she is adopted.
A series of events in the Anaconda household lead Angela to believe that she is not a real Anaconda and must be adopted. Angela goes on a mission to discover her true identity and her real family. She follows up any clue she can and considers everyone she knows as potential relatives. Unfortunately all of the clues lead to only one conclusion ? she must be a Manoir! Angela imagines what it would be like to be Nanette's sister and it is all too unbearable. Thankfully the Anacondas show up just in the nick of time and prove to Angela that Angela really is an Anaconda albeit a uniquely special one.

Episode 15B "Rockabye Abatti" Angela hopes for a good nights sleep at Johnny's house.
Angela hasn't had a good night sleep all week. Her brothers and baby sister keep making noise that keeps her awake. When Johnny announces that he has new race-car bunk beds and is having his first sleepover Angela jumps at the chance and volunteers to be the first to sleep over. Angela packs her bag that weekend with the hopes of getting a glorious night's sleep. Angela has a great time at the Abatti's that night until it is time to go to bed. Johnny snores and makes all kinds of unmentionable sounds in his sleep and worse of all keeps a night light on. Uncle Nicky can be heard talking in his sleep and Johnny's Nonna snores so loud the whole house shakes. When her family comes to pick her up the morning she has fallen into a deep sleep and they can't wake her up. Everyone comments on how loud Angela's snoring is and how it is impossible to sleep with her around.