Garage Mahal

Garage Mahal
Make no mistake; the boys from TAXIRIDE are back with their second album GARAGE MAHAL.

"Garage Mahal" follows their double platinum debut album "Imaginate" which spawned the hits "Get Set" and "Everywhere You Go", giving the band a Best New Artist ARIA award.

Their latest album includes the Top 10 hit single and #1 Radio song "Creepin' Up Slowly".

The tunes from "Garage Mahal" emerged either from songwriting sessions in Victoria's Mt Macedon in early 2001 or from Venice Beach's Palindrome Studio, the creative base of album producer Fred Maher. "Garage Mahal" has been mixed by David Way (3 tracks) and Mike Shipley (9 tracks). Both guys have CVs that read like the greatest hits of the last two decades.

"Garage Mahal" is an impressive listen and will leave you wanting more! Filled with signature harmonies and infectious hooks, this album is a mixture of deep guitar sounds and catchy rhythms.

Songs off the album include "Forest for the Trees" - an all beefy chords and thunderstruck rhythms. "Afterglow" is a very powerful song while "Stronger" is a pop groove. The track "Wait" is reminiscent of the Beatles and "How I Got This Way" is a psychedelically tinged rockfest. Then there's the first single "Creepin' Up Slowly", which has all the trademark harmonies and great melodies we've come to expect from Taxiride.

If you're not humming these songs after one listen, best check your hearing.


1. Afterglow
2. How I Got This Way
3. Creepin' Up Slowly
4. Forest for the Trees
5. Afraid to Fly
6. Saffron
7. This Time
8. Enemy
9. Skin
10. Happiness Without You
11. Stronger
12. Wait
13. Madrigal

- Annemarie Failla

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