The dictionary defines Kaleidoscope as a constantly changing set of colours, which is an apt description of this Adelaide-based band's debut album DELI GIRL.

From the brooding "Desire For Change" to the supreme rock anthem "Taking Things Too Far" and commercial ditty "Slot Car Slut", Kaleidoscope runs the full gauntlet of essential rock ingredients and comes out the other side of the deli with a reputation as one of Australia's finest guitar pop hopes.

It is an amazing effort for any act to conceive such a strong album, but the feat is even greater when the band has written, produced, recorded and even mastered the album on their own.

The attention to detail has resulted in rave reviews around the country, a healthy embracing from radio and a new level of success for a band with humble beginnings, a lashing of talent and an ambition to reach out to fans of female-fronted guitar pop who have been without a leading light since the demise of Australian icons such as the "Falling Joys" and "The Clouds".

Utilising the commanding vocal performance of Kylie Cowling and the musical prowess of Craig Lewis, Kaleidoscope signalled their arrival in 1997 with the EP "The Lemon Tree" which achieve rotation on MMM in their hometown as well s some national exposure via some JJJ spot play.

Their second outing spawned the single "System Shutdown" which was the first in a long string of singles embraces with rotation by JJJ. Their follow-up hit with the national broadcaster "Slot Car Slut" also achieved success with Channel V and MTV, quickly becoming an alternative favourite.

With national touring and subsequent radio favourites "Earthmover" and "Just Around the Corner", the duo was joined by new drummer Jason Eyers-White for the launch of "Deli Girl".

The band have recently recorded a Live at the Wireless set for Triple J and are planning their next wave of airplay assault with their new single "Taking Things Too Far". Already added to JJJs' playlist, the track is the natural progression for the and to commercial playlists. Its soaring chorus and edgy guitar riff is already turning heads as yet another national tour is planned.

Already the band had begun writing material for their next album, inspired by the experiences they have gained from the publicity and touring of the past six months. As they continue to successfully straddle the beam between commerciality and alternative appeal, the band have recently signed management and booking agreements which will raise their profile to new heights.

The colours continue to change and the outlook continues to brighten as the Kaleidoscope turns.

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